7 Tips for Bringing a Dog Fishing

A fisherman with a bull trout and his St Bernard Husky cross dog on the water

If you love to fish, a loyal four-legged companion can turn a fun fishing trip into a perfect, memorable day out on the water. Goldendoodles are friendly, intelligent, highly trainable, and they love to spend time in the outdoors. So, one of these pups could make the ideal furry fisherman’s friend. Here are seven handy … Read more

How to Catch Tripletail: Pro Tips and Tricks

Where Can You Find Tripletail? Tripletail are found throughout the Gulf of Mexico but are most common in Florida waters. They spend time in multiple environments, from bays and estuaries to beaches and even offshore. Tripletail will usually hang out floating underneath and around structures like weedlines, flotsam, and docks, or around the buoys marking … Read more

The Best Offshore Spinning Reel of 2022: Top 5 Tested & Reviewed

spinning reels and rods on boat spread in the middle of the ocean

The Rundown Best Overall: “The Penn Spinfisher’s smooth operation, solid casting, near waterproof, and a ton of cranking power give it the edge. It can handle anything from snapper to sailfish in larger sizes.” Best Premium Option: “The Spheros features an all-metal internal and is sealed against saltwater and sand. It offers a ton of … Read more