How to Catch Bonefish

angler caught bonefish with fly rod and reel

Bonefish are a world-renowned species on fly and light tackle. They might not be suitable to eat or grow very large, but man, do they put up a great fight! While they can be found in shallow coastal waters around the world, bonefish have a reputation as a difficult fish to target. So we’ve put … Read more

7 Tips for Bringing a Dog Fishing

A fisherman with a bull trout and his St Bernard Husky cross dog on the water

If you love to fish, a loyal four-legged companion can turn a fun fishing trip into a perfect, memorable day out on the water. Goldendoodles are friendly, intelligent, highly trainable, and they love to spend time in the outdoors. So, one of these pups could make the ideal furry fisherman’s friend. Here are seven handy … Read more

How to Catch Tripletail: Pro Tips and Tricks

Where Can You Find Tripletail? Tripletail are found throughout the Gulf of Mexico but are most common in Florida waters. They spend time in multiple environments, from bays and estuaries to beaches and even offshore. Tripletail will usually hang out floating underneath and around structures like weedlines, flotsam, and docks, or around the buoys marking … Read more

How to Catch Triggerfish (Insider Tips and Tricks)

Where can I Catch Triggerfish? You can find triggers on almost any offshore structure. In the Panhandle, where they’re most often fished for, you’ll spend a lot of time fishing artificial reefs, but any submerged structure from chicken coops to rock piles is likely to hold triggerfish, as well as red snapper.   Triggerfish tend to … Read more

How to Catch Cobia (Insider Tips and Tricks)

Where Can I Catch Cobia? Cobia can be caught from New England down to Argentina and throughout the Gulf of Mexico. They are also found South of the equator to South Africa in the Eastern Atlantic and throughout the Indian Ocean and Western Pacific. They tend to hang around structures like reefs, buoys, markers, and … Read more

How to Catch Red Snapper in 2022

Where can I Catch Red Snappers? Red snappers are reef fish and spend most of their time around offshore structures. Wrecks, reefs, stone piles, even submerged chicken coops are likely to have red snapper on them.  Snappers tend to school with other snappers of similar size, so you aren’t likely to find big fish hanging … Read more

How to Catch Redfish (Beginner’s Guide and Pro Tips)

The Basics Redfish are an inshore game fish famous for their copper-colored backs, tail spots, and bulldog-like fights. They’re a coastal species, usually found in shallow waters. Redfish have downward-facing mouths that make them great bottom feeders, but they have no problem coming up to the surface to feed on fish (especially the larger ones).  … Read more

How to Surf Fish: A Beginner’s Guide in 2022

angler surf fishing

Surf fishing is one of the most fun and accessible types of fishing you can learn. All you need is a few pieces of gear, a beach, and a little knowledge. But it can also be frustrating if you don’t know what to expect and don’t know a few essential tricks to help you find … Read more