5 Best Lures for Peacock Bass: 2022 Buying Guide

angler caught peacock bass

The Rundown Best For Most Anglers: “The Sea Striker Popeye Bucktail Jig mimics the small darting minnows that peacock bass love to feed on. Ideal for anglers who want to go peacock bass fishing in Florida or Amazon.” Best Premium Option: “The Borboletta Perversa is a Brazillian manufactured lure specifically made for peacock bass. It’s … Read more

7 Best Surf Fishing Lures: Top Picks of 2022 Reviewed

The Rundown Best Overall: “The Sea Striker is a classic spoon that attracts nearly every species of gamefish. It’s ideal for throwing into promising spots or in front of a traveling school of fish.“ Best Budget Option: “The Got-Cha Plug is effective for any fish that feeds on minnows. A ridiculous cast range and a … Read more

Best Redfish Lures of 2022: Top 7 Tested & Reviewed

angler holding redfish with lure

The Rundown Best Overall: “The Rapala Saltwater Skitter Walk provides plenty of action and noise to get the attention of any redfish you spot while also being capable of long casts to fish farther away.” Best Premium Option: “The MirrOlure MirrOdine has a deep body and various patterns based on natural baitfish combined with a … Read more

The Best Trolling Lure For Wahoo: Top 5 Tested & Reviewed

angler holding huge wahoo

The Rundown Best Overall: “High speed trolling is the best way to target wahoo, and the Ilander Lure is the ideal option for the job. It’s a great addition to your spread especially that it holds up to hard hits from wahoo.” Best Premium Option: “The MagBay Sincero has a big profile, rattle, and bubble … Read more

Best Lures for Mahi Mahi: 2022 Buying Guide

angler hooked mahi mahi

The Rundown Best Overall: “One of the best ways to target mahi mahi is trolling noisy lures near the surface, making the Stubby Bubbler an ideal choice. You can use it with a strip bait or just on its own.” Best Premium Option: “Flying fish are the favored prey of quite a few offshore game … Read more

Best King Mackerel Lures: Top 7 Tested & Reviewed

angler hooked king mackerel from boat

The Rundown Best Overall: “The Blue Water Candy has a consistent setup that doesn’t require a faster-trolling boat, making it ideal for anglers of all skill levels. It also has a tooth-proof wire leader material.” Best Premium Option: “The Yo-Zuri Bonita is a dependable high-speed trolling lure with a patented design that effectively attracts kingfish. … Read more

How To Catch Snook: Best Lures For Snook Tested & Reviewed

angler caught snook

The Rundown Best Overall: “The MirrOdine is made to mimic a baitfish – from the big lifelike eyes and flashy inserts to the color pattern and twitchy movement. It behaves and looks like a prey fish. Ideal for all snook fishers.” Best Premium Option: “The LIVETARGET Mullet features a segmented body that moves in the … Read more

Best Tuna Lures of 2022: Top 6 Tested & Reviewed

hand removing lure hook off tuna

The Rundown Best Overall: “Flying fish is a preferred prey species of quite a few pelagic fish, including tuna. If you want to get the most effective spread when you’re trolling, the Yummy Flyer is a fantastic addition.” Best Premium Option: “Any great spread has some noisemakers inside it, and the Bost Ahi Snack jet … Read more

The Best Bait For Carp Fishing: Top 8 Tested & Reviewed

hand holding carp caught with bait

The Rundown Best Overall: “Sweet corn is a tried-and-true bait for Carp. The Xhope TPR Soft Baits give you all the advantages of corn kernels while being reusable and lasting longer in the water.” Best Budget Option: “The Phecda Boilies is a fantastic attractant. You can choose the color and flavor that works best for … Read more

7 Best White Bass Lures Reviewed: 2022 Buying Guide

white bass with lure

The Rundown Best Overall: “No other lure stands out better in sandy bottoms than the Mister Twister Lil Bit. Its curly tail’s got a lot of action and its bright color attracts any white bass hanging out at the bottom.” Best Budget Option: “If you want an affordable lure with flash action and swift moves … Read more