Best Shark Rigs for Surf Fishing: Top 5 Tested & Reviewed

angler caught shark on surf

The Rundown Best Overall: “The Lane Leaders Rig combines a wire section by the hook for the teeth and a monofilament section to keep the sharks’ bodies from rubbing through it. An ideal choice for any shark angler.” Best Premium Option: “The Cardinal Tackle Rig features a snap swivel to attach your weight, rubber sleeves … Read more

The Best Fishing Line for Bass: Top 9 Picks of 2022 Tested & Reviewed

The Rundown Best Braided Line: “The Sufix’s proprietary braided fibers give you great abrasion resistance and casting distance, and the strength to fish around vegetation and structure.” Best Fluorocarbon Line: “Berkley Vanish is made from their latest technology in invisible fishing lines. The fluorocarbon refracts light like water and doesn’t absorb any water, making it … Read more

How To Choose The Best Fishing Line: Top 7 Tested & Reviewed

angler fixing fishing line while holding rod and reel

The Rundown Best Overall: “Get the most of your experience out in the water, fishing for hours on end with the PowerPro. It’s a popular choice for anglers in both fresh and saltwater and known for its unparalleled casting distance and high-quality fibers.” Best Budget Option: “The biggest standout for SpiderWire is the variety of … Read more

The Best Fishing Line for Trout: Top 10 of 2022 Tested & Reviewed

The Rundown Best Overall: “With a superior knot strength, zero stretch, and low memory, the SuperPower provides enhanced stability, sensitivity, and casting distance. A braided line that is simple to knot and easy to cast, ideal for beginners!” Best High-End: “The RUNCL Line offers an unparalleled degree of sensitivity, making it a favorite of those who … Read more

The Best Mono Fishing Line: Top 10 of 2022 Tested & Reviewed

The Rundown Best Overall: “Stren High Impact retains enough natural stretch to minimize the risk of breakage when repeatedly shock-loaded. Ideal for anglers who enjoy fishing for the toughest of game fish species” Best Casting: “Trilene XL is designed to keep from twisting too often, saving anglers lots of time and trouble. This allows for longer, smoother casts and … Read more