6 Best Saltwater Fly Reels: 2022 Buying Guide

The Rundown Best Overall: “The Redington Grande is a CNC precision-machined reel and frame are incredibly lightweight and durable, thanks to the aerospace-grade aluminum used for the construction.” Best Premium Reel: “The Spectrum Max is precision machined, cold-forged, and lightweight. It has a precision drag system with computer-precise spacing and a dented system that allows … Read more

The Best Offshore Spinning Reel of 2022: Top 5 Tested & Reviewed

spinning reels and rods on boat spread in the middle of the ocean

The Rundown Best Overall: “The Penn Spinfisher’s smooth operation, solid casting, near waterproof, and a ton of cranking power give it the edge. It can handle anything from snapper to sailfish in larger sizes.” Best Premium Option: “The Spheros features an all-metal internal and is sealed against saltwater and sand. It offers a ton of … Read more

The Best Surf Casting Reel: Top 5 Tested & Reviewed

angler casting from the surf

The Rundown Best Overall: “The Millionaire has plenty of line capacity, smooth casting, and enough drag to put pressure on large fish you’ll run into. Ideal for anglers who spend long hours on the surf since it’s lightweight.” Best Premium Option: “The Shimano Calcutta is famous for its quality, longevity, and power, making it ideal for … Read more

The Best Inshore Baitcasting Reels of 2022: Top 5 Reviewed & Buying Guide

The Rundown Best Overall: “All the features you need with a smooth retrieval. It’s an excellent choice for any fishermen that prefers baitcasters to other reel styles. “ Best Premium Option: “Designed with inshore fishing in mind and made to handle saltwater environments. The REVO Inshore incorporates Abu Garcia’s best designs, from their proprietary materials to … Read more

The Best Bottom Fishing Reel: Top 11 Conventional Reels of 2022

heavy duty rods and reels attached to a boat

The Rundown Best Overall: “With a durable construction, a lever drag system and quick-flip, 2-speed gear ratio, the Penn Fathom have plenty of power for hauling up big fish when bottom fishing.” Best Premium Option: “With a multiple gear ratio, a free spool system ideal for live baits, and a light, compact frame, the Saltist … Read more

The Best Catfish Spinning Reel of 2022: Tested & Reviewed

catfish beside a spinning rod and reel

The Rundown Best For Most Anglers: “The Penn Battle is made to last and handles huge fighting fish. Ideal for anglers targeting catfish under 100 pounds who want a reasonably priced durable spinning reel.” Best Premium Option: “The Spinfisher VI offers power and extra casting distance – a great combo for a spinning reel. Its … Read more

The Best Crankbait Reel of 2022: Top 5 Reviewed

baitcaster on wood with fishing lures

The Rundown Most Comfortable: “The Royale Legend GT’s conveniently lightweight and robust design brings all-day comfort and takes away the fatigue serious anglers often feel after fishing all day.” Best Budget Reel: “High-quality reels don’t have to be expensive. With the Piscifun Torrent Baitcasting Reel’s rugged and durable built, you sure can get the biggest … Read more

The Best Bowfishing Reel of 2022: Top 10 Reviewed

bowfishing reel on plank

The Rundown Best Overall: “The Muzzy 1097 XD features a robust stainless steel and brass drag system, which is more than capable of manhandling large carp, gar, and drum to the bank or boat. Ideal for anglers who consistently pursue the largest of fish. “ Best High End Reel: “The AMS Bowfishing Pro is engineered … Read more

The Best Shimano Spinning Reel In 2022: Top 5 Reviewed

spinning reels on display

The Rundown Best Overall: “The Stradic FL features an X-Ship gear train technology, corrosion-resistant SA-RB bearings, a CrossCarbon drag system, and an X Protect repellant, among others. Ideal for anglers who want to upgrade their reel.” Most Durable Reel: “The Sedona FI features Hagane gear train components which are precision-cut for enhanced wear protection and … Read more

The Best Trout Spinning Reels: 2022 Buying Guide

trout and spinning reel on grassy ground

The Rundown Best Overall: “With a slow oscillation gearing, a sealed drag system, and a graphite body and rotor, the Pflueger President offers unparalleled reliability so you can make the most out of your day.” Premium Option: “Offering silky-smooth performance beyond belief, the KastKing Summer/Centron features a lightweight, compact design, 17.5 lb. drag system, and … Read more