The 10 Best Braided Fishing Lines in 2021 (Buying Guide)

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Best Overall: KastKing SuperPower
“If you’re thinking of switching from mono to braid, this line is just the thing you need. With its incredible knot strength, great sensitivity, and low memory, it’s a line that you just can’t go wrong with.”

Best Premium Option: Power Pro Spectra Fiber
“The Power Pro Spectra Fiber makes casting a total breeze, with its specialty body design and enhanced durability thanks to a high strength-to-diameter ratio. Terrific for anglers with an ‘on-the-go’ style.”

Best Budget Option: Piscifun Onyx
“It may look simple, but this line has 8 whole strands of fiber, meaning it’s strong enough for anglers who love fishing along rugged underwater structures. It has low memory and an even line sink rate too.”

In a world of modern fishing lines, braided fishing lines have become tremendously popular due to their significant level of responsiveness, an unparalleled degree of sensitivity, and extraordinary strength.

Braided lines of the highest quality feature virtually no stretch, resists twisting, is easy to cast, and is ultra-durable, even when fished in the thickest of cover, assisting anglers in assist anglers in detecting light bites, making efficient hook sets, and converting more strikes into catches.

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The 10 Best Baitcasting Reels in 2021

KastKing SuperPower

Best Overall: Simple to use, yet capable beyond compare


  • Superior knot strength
  • Zero-stretch for ultimate sensitivity
  • Enhanced casting distance due to low memory

KastKing SuperPower is a user-friendly braided line, and is, in fact, the ideal line for anglers looking to transition from monofilament to braid. New braided line users should find KastKing SuperPower simple to knot and easy to cast. This line also features zero-stretch, which drastically enhances sensitivity and allows for more efficient hooksets.


Another notable feature of KastKing SuperPower is its remarkable abrasion resistance. This is a quality that many anglers will favor, especially those who frequently fish stump beds, stick-ups, and laydowns. Keeping this in mind, KastKing SuperPower is easily the perfect choice for avid bass and crappie fishermen.

KastKing SuperPower is also known for its micro-diameter construction. Thanks to this small line diameter, a greater overall length of the line can be spooled. This increase in line capacity then allows anglers to cast farther and reach difficult access cover where many fish species typically stage in good numbers.

Those who choose to purchase KastKing SuperPower will be provided with several options to select from in strength, rating, and color. This line is offered in weight ratings ranging from 10 to 150 pounds and comes in several color varieties including Yellow, Lo-Vis Grey, Ocean Blue, Moss Green, and Multi-Color. This level of diversity allows this line to be used in both freshwater and saltwater.

Power Pro Spectra Fiber

Best Premium Option: Easy to cast, easy to retrieve, easy to love


  • Specialty body design that boosts handling performance
  • A round, smooth profile which makes casting a breeze
  • A high strength-to-diameter ratio for enhanced durability

Pro Power Spectra Fiber offers superb casting and handling characteristics, making it well-suited for anglers who prefer an on-the-move style of fishing, such as bass anglers that favor crankbait or topwater plug use. With these two characteristics combined, this approach can be done through a smooth and seamless operation, even in demanding situations.


Another key characteristic of Pro Power Spectra Fiber, which many anglers will likely be fond of, is its excellent level of abrasion resistance. The Spectra Fiber construction of this braided line resists the ill-effects that typically result from dragging similar lines through brush piles, over logs, and around dock pilings. This attribute alone is of significant benefit, as no angler wants to lose the fish of a lifetime at the hands of unexpected line breakage.

This line is also known for its high sensitivity, a trait that has the potential to not only help anglers detect more bites but to hook and catch a larger number of fish as well. Many species of fish, like bass, are known to inhale a bait, without an angler ever actually feeling a strike. In these cases, a more sensitive line, like Pro Power Spectra Fiber, can provide just the edge that anglers need to make a swift and meaningful hookset.

The Pro Power Spectra Fiber can be purchased in a number of different colors and weight combinations, and so anglers have the freedom to select the best line for their particular application. It’s also offered in weight ratings that range from 5 to 200 pounds and comes in Green, Hi-Vis Yellow, Moss Green, Vermilion Red, White, and Multi-Color varieties.

Piscifun Onyx

Strongest Braid: Tough beyond reason yet subtle in presentation


  • Features 8 strands of fiber for increased strength
  • A consistent profile that allows for an even line sink rate
  • Low memory that minimizes backlash

Thanks to its ultra-durable 8-strand construction, Piscifun Onyx is a braided line that will quickly become a favorite among those that spend most of their time fishing along underwater structures, no matter how rugged such sites can be. This multi-fiber composition also allows Piscifun Onyx to maintain a small diameter profile, which is another fantastic component, as it can spool more line to a reel for increased casting distance.


Piscifun Onyx is also well known for its low rate of memory. This minimal memory helps prevent line twist, kinking, and backlash, which can stifle an angler’s efforts to make the most out of their time on the water. Because of this low rate of memory, Piscifun can cast with a greater level of ease than many similar lines, as friction decreases when the line is being dispersed from a reel’s spool.

This line is also notable for its lack of stretch, which vastly increases line sensitivity. This is a characteristic that makes it perfect for anglers who routinely fish for light-biting species such as bass, crappie, and the occasional lethargic catfish.

Additionally, Piscifun Onyx features a smooth, uniform profile, which promotes an even line sink rate, and better overall lure/bait presentation. When a line is able to cut through the water at a uniform rate, it becomes easier to reach fish at deeper depths. This is important if you regularly pursue species of fish that commonly suspend deep in the water column, like post-spawn bass and mid-summer crappie.

Mounchain Braid

Best for Strenuous Use: A line for nearly every application


  • Above average abrasion resistance
  • Ultra-smooth composition that’s free of any burrs
  • Extremely UV-resistant

If you are an avid angler that fishes for just a little bit of everything under the sun, then you’ll love Mounchain Braid. It contains several diverse features like superior abrasion resistance, extreme sensitivity, and remarkable durability, which makes it great for nearly every type of fishing. This line is also approved for both saltwater and freshwater use, and so it’s safe to say that Mounchain Braid is applicable for use in virtually any scenario.


Mounchain Braid is extremely abrasion-resistant and is even designed specifically for the purpose of fishing around structures, though it can also be used in other instances, from probing stump beds below or burning up the open water.

Another unique feature of Mounchain Braid is its specialized coating, which protects it from the sun’s harsh UV rays, and also prevents color fading and fiber degradation. This subsequently extends the life of Mounchain Braid, meaning that consumers can get the absolute most bang for their buck. Additionally, this coating is also water-resistant, and so it’s set to last just as long as the line itself will.

Mounchain Braid is offered in several colors, lengths, and weight ratings. This line comes in Dark Green, Green, Grey, Plain Black, Sea Blue, and Yellow. Spool lengths range from 300 meters – 1,000 meters and the line is offered in 10, 20, 30, and 40 pound tests.

Hercules Super Cast

Best Budget: Next level performance at a price too good to pass up


  • Diamond weave construction for better casting and increased durability
  • Excellent knot strength that prevents fish loss
  • Zero-stretch for enhanced sensitivity

Hercules Super Cast is a line that offers excellent performance at a price that won’t break the bank. If you’ve been contemplating making a switch from mono to braid, but are worried about incurring additional expenses, then the Hercules Supercast is the answer you’re looking for.


Don’t be too quick to dismiss the Hercules Super Cast as a bargain bin item with little true performance merit. This line features an impressive 8-strand composition, meaning it has a higher degree of durability and abrasion resistance than many other braided lines. This is useful for anglers who regularly structure fish for various species.

Hercules Super Cast is also so sensitive that it detects even the lightest of bites, allowing for more timely hooksets and a more favorable strike-to-catch ratio. This gives you more opportunities to put fish in the boat in situations that would not otherwise be possible.

When purchasing Hercules Super Cast, anglers can select between a nearly infinite number of colors and line weights. This line comes in 15 individual color combinations, with some of the most popular being Army Green, Camouflage, Grey, and Fluorescent Green. It also comes in a range of weight ratings from 10 to 300 pounds.

Reaction Tackle High Performance Braid

Best Variety: Endless options at an excellent price


  • Available in 15 different colors and 10 different weight ranges
  • A thin diameter that enhances spool/line capacity
  • Significant durability and abrasion resistance

If you’re in the market for a quality braided line but you have a budget to stick to, your best bet would be in the Reaction Tackle High Performance Braid. This line is ultra-durable, extremely sensitive, and super thin; even with all these fantastic features, it can still be purchased for less than what most will spend on lunch prior to hitting the water.


The Reaction Tackle High Performance Braid is built in a manner that should be up to handling even the feistiest of fighters, as it is constructed from 100% UHMWPE. This fiber is one of the strongest in the world, so you can rest assured that this line has enough backbone to get the job done, even when the fish on the other end of your line refuses to budge.

Another advantage of UHMWPE fiber is that it is inherently abrasion-resistant. As a result, the Reaction Tackle High Performance Braid is well-suited for use even in less than hospitable waters.

The Reaction Tackle High Performance Braid is offered in an unparalleled number of color and weight combinations. This line is available in a total of 15 different colors and can be purchased in 10, 20, 30, 50, 65, 80, 100, 120, 150, and 200 pound test lines.


Best High End: Sensitivity at its finest


  • Compact weaving for zero stretch
  • Constructed from 8 individual strands for enhanced strength
  • Small diameter that minimizes visibility and allows for increased spool capacity

The RUNCL Braid offers an exceptional level of sensitivity, and so anglers who finesse fish for reluctant bass or jig fish for hesitant crappie will love this line. It’s composed of 8 individual strands of durable fiber, making it durable and providing a pronounced amount of abrasion resistance. Not to mention, the RUNCL Braid’s minimal diameter makes it possible to spool additional line onto any reel and cuts down on visibility by wary game fish.


As previously mentioned, one of RUNCL Braid’s most highly regarded characteristics is its significant level of sensitivity. Much of this sensitivity comes as a byproduct of the line’s compact weaving, which virtually eliminates any form of stretch. This provides little in the way of free-play or give, making detection of even the lightest of bites seamless.

When selecting which pound test of the RUNCL Braid to purchase, a number of options are available. This line ranges from 12 to 100 pounds in weight rating, with 12 different options available across this range. This line also comes in in 328 yard, 546 yard, and 1093 yard spool lengths, allowing anglers to purchase the exact amount of line that is required.

SpiderWire EZ Braid

Most Sensitive: Small in diameter but not in performance


  • Micro-diameter design for ease of use, increased capacity, and minimal visibility
  • Near-zero stretch that makes bite detection a breeze
  • Dyneema microfiber composition for enhanced strength

Have you ever wished to be able to cast to a distance that seemed so impossibly out of your range? Then the SpiderWire EZ Braid is the way to go. Because of its smaller than average diameter, a greater length of the SpiderWire EZ Braid can be spooled onto a reel, making it easier than ever to cast to those often hard to reach honey holes.


This line also features near-zero stretch, making it ideal for trying to catch stubborn fish that refuse to take the bait. Because of its lack of stretch, virtually even the smallest of nibbles at the end of your hook should be easily detectable. This will lead to more timely hooksets and a greater overall number of fish boated.

Strength is also a strong point of the SpiderWire EZ Braid, thanks to its Dyneema microfiber composition, which is 3 times as strong as monofilament lines of the same weight rating. This is perfect for probing deep cover or dragging a Carolina-Rig through vegetation and rocky lake bottoms.

SpiderWire EZ Braid is also notable for its ease of castability, which is actually a byproduct of its low line memory. This minimal level of memory helps minimize line twists and kinks, which rob a cast of valuable range.

KastKing KastPro

Best Castability: Durable composition for a tireless performance


  • A specialized coating with UV protection
  • Ultra-smooth finish for superior casting range
  • Diamond Weave design that provides ultimate strength and longevity

The KastKing KastPro braided line features an exceptionally strong Diamond Weave design that provides excellent abrasion resistance. This range of durability makes KastKing KastPro one of the best options for anglers who routinely seek out the biggest fish out in the water. This line should be strong enough to manage the abuses of fighting large catfish, striped bass, and carp. KastPro also features a number of other noteworthy traits, such as excellent castability and a significant degree of sensitivity


This line is unique for the specialized formula that it’s coated with, which prevents accelerated breakdown at the hands of UV exposure, and is resistant to being washed off when submerged. Another added benefit of this bio-solvent is that it complements the line’s natural composition and aids in abrasion resistance. As a result, fraying is brought to a minimum and the chances of untimely breakage are reduced.

As its name would suggest, the KastKing KastPro is also renowned for its excellent castability. This is a feature that many anglers will find helpful when practicing cast and retrieve styles of fishing, such as the use of crankbaits, topwater plugs, and chatterbaits. This also allows anglers to reach obscure and out-of-the-way locations, thereby taking advantage of the excellent fishing opportunities that these spots typically offer.

The KastPro also offers a high level of sensitivity that makes it far easier to detect even the most modest of bites. As a result, with this line, many anglers will find it easier to start hooksets in a more timely manner, reducing the number of aggravating misses that one must contend with.

KastKing Extremus

Best Overall: Extreme line that withstands the most extreme of conditions


  • Multi-Tuf fiber composition for extreme strength and reliability
  • Zero memory design which prevents line twist and kinks
  • Specialized coating that eliminates water absorption

If you are an angler that finds enjoyment in battling against whatever adverse conditions that a day on the water throws your way, then you should find immediate favor in the KastKing Extremus braided line. This line is built to withstand the most extreme weather, the toughest fights, and the roughest abuse at the hands of underwater obstacles.


This enhanced level of durability is a product of KastKing’s proprietary Diamond Weave construction, which tightly interlocks each of the Extremus’ four strands together for superior strength. This line is meant for prolonged use in and around inhospitable cover, with no fear of breakage, fraying, or chafing. This is terrific for anglers who frequent rivers and other bodies of water that feature heavy amounts of wooden debris.

Aside from its ultra-durable construction, the KastKing Extremus also features several additional traits worth mentioning. One such trait is its complete absence of memory, which leads to enhanced castability and decreased instances of line twists and kinking. Without the hindrance of these friction-inducing issues, KastKing Extremus flows from the reel with relative ease.

Another key feature of the KastKing Extremus is its extremely thin diameter that manages to provide superior strength, thanks to the Diamond Weave. Anglers everywhere would love this trait, since it allows for an increased line-to-reel capacity and so makes accurate long-distance casting possible.

Criteria Used For Evaluation

When searching for the perfect braided fishing line, there are several factors that must first be considered. Each of these factors plays a vital role in determining how well a particular line will perform when on the water.

Criteria #1: Strength

A particular line is only as good as its ability to withstand the fight at hand. In order for any braided line to pass the test, it must be up to the task of withstanding the forces placed upon it.

While braided lines, in general, are known for their remarkable strength, some products are naturally greater in quality in this regard than others. The number of individual fiber strands used in a particular line, as well as the composition of these strands, differ from one product to the next. The most common types of braided lines consist of 2 and 4 strand braids, all of which offer varying degrees of strength and abrasion resistance. However, it is important to remember that the proper selection of line weight is key above all else when ensuring that any braid will withstand the forces it’s subjected to.

Criteria #2: Castability

The use of premium braided lines allows anglers to make every single cast count — even the most resilient braided line is of little use if it’s unable to be cast accurately.

One of the most aggravating things that all anglers have struggled with at one point or another is when they find themselves unable to cast to a particular point of interest, no matter their best efforts. This is why it’s important to only select lines that are capable of casting to great distances. Many premium braided lines are deburred and coated in a specialty treatment that allows them to sail effortlessly from a reel, thereby allowing anglers to cast far beyond that which could be reached when using a line of lower quality.

Criteria #3: Sensitivity

A sensitive line allows anglers to seize every opportunity for a good catch. A particular line’s level of sensitivity, or lack thereof, has a critical influence on an angler’s catch rate when on the water.

While some fish tend to strike with vigor, others simply do not. When this is the case, an angler must feel for the slightest of bites in order to set the hook in a timely manner. Braided lines of the highest quality usually feature nearly zero stretch, which allows every bite to be felt without any difficulty. As a result, an angler’s reaction time is decreased, hooksets are quicker, and a greater number of fish are typically caught.

Questions & Answers

Are Braided Lines Worth the Extra Cost?

Braided lines are typically more expensive to purchase than monofilament, due to the materials and input of time associated with its production. However, in the vast majority of cases, a braided line is indeed worth every additional penny. This is because a line of this nature is usually easier to cast, is more sensitive to bites, and can take a significantly larger amount of abuse than monofilament. As a result, the braided line has the potential to make an angler more efficient in their endeavors.

Does the Lack of Stretch in Braided Lines Make Them Prone to Breakage?

Braided lines, like any other form of fishing lines, can and will break if subject to forces that are over that which they’re rated for. However, by its very nature, the braided line is very resilient. The only time that braided lines are at greater risk of breaking than monofilament lines, is when shock-loaded. When a braided line is suddenly jerked, like when a fish jumps while the line is under tension, breakage can result because of the line’s inability to stretch. But this rarely happens, and so it’s not usually a point of concern for most anglers.

How Often Should I Change Out a Braided Line?

Braided lines are well known for their durability. On average, this style of line can outlast monofilament lines with ease and can take an extreme amount of punishment. With that being said, even braided lines need to be changed from time to time. There is no set recommendation as to when the braided line should be changed, as different styles of fishing impart varying degrees of abuse on an angler’s line of choice. The best way to determine when a braided line requires replacement is through visual inspection. If any fraying, chafing, sun fading, or other signs of physical defects are observed, replacement is advised. It is best to inspect your line at least once a month, especially if you fish on a frequent basis.