2021 Best Fishing Line for Trout (Top 10 Expert Reviews)

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Best Overall: KastKing SuperPower
“With a superior knot strength, zero stretch, and low memory, the SuperPower provides enhanced stability, sensitivity, and casting distance. A braided line that is simple to knot and easy to cast, the KastKing SuperPower is best for beginners!”

Runner-Up Choice: Power Pro Spectra Fiber
“The Pro Power Spectra Fiber’s specialty body design, round and smooth profile, and a high strength-to-diameter ratio offer superb casting and handling – making it well suited for use by those individuals who prefer an on the move style of fishing.”

Best Value For Money: Piscifun Onyx
“Piscifun Onyx features eight strands of fiber, consistent profile, and low memory for increased casting distance – best for those who regularly troll for trout in lakes and other open water areas.”

Trout fishing in a cool running creek can be among the most enjoyable ways imaginable to spend a Saturday afternoon. However, much of one’s success, or lack thereof, when trout fishing comes down to the quality of line used.

Trout are quick to spot abnormalities within their surroundings, and the use of less than adequate line often results in a poor day of fishing.

This article features the 10 best fishing lines for trout that will result in more strikes, and a more successful day on the water.

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10 Best Fishing Line for Trout in 2021

KastKing SuperPower

Best Overall: Simple to use, yet capable beyond compare


  • Superior knot strength for additional strength
  • Zero stretch for ultimate sensitivity
  • Low-memory for enhanced casting distance

KastKing SuperPower is a user-friendly braided line, which might be the ideal for anglers who are making a transition from the use of monofilament to braid. New braided line users should find KastKing SuperPower to be simple to knot and easy to cast, which are two facets of braid use that newcomers typically struggle with. This line also features zero-stretch, which should drastically enhance sensitivity and allow for more efficient hook sets.


Another notable feature of KastKing SuperPower is its significant degree of abrasion resistance. This is a quality that many anglers will likely find favor in, especially those that frequently fish log strewn drainages. When keeping this in mind, it is reasonable to consider that KastKing SuperPower might be the perfect choice when fishing creeks with woody cover.

KastKing SuperPower is also known for its micro-diameter construction. This small line diameter is of benefit, due to the fact that a greater overall length of the line can be spooled on a particular reel than would be the case with many bulkier lines that are currently available. This increase in line capacity should allow anglers to cast further, and reach difficult access cover where trout typically stage in good numbers.

Those who choose to purchase KastKing SuperPower are provided with several options to select from, both in strength rating and color. KastKing SuperPower is offered in weight ratings ranging from 10-150 lbs., and comes in several color varieties, including Yellow, Lo-Vis Grey, Ocean Blue, Moss Green, and Multi-color. This level of diversity also allows this line to be used on nearly any body of water.

Power Pro Spectra Fiber

Runner-Up Choice: Easy to cast, easy to retrieve, easy to love


  • Specialty body design boosts handling performance
  • The round, smooth profile makes casting a breeze
  • A high strength-to-diameter ratio provides enhanced durability

Pro Power Spectra Fiber offers superb casting and handling characteristics, which should make it well suited for use by those individuals who prefer an on the move style of fishing, such as covering water with the use of spinning tackle. The combination of these two characteristics compliments such an approach by providing smooth and seamless operation, even in demanding situations.


Another key characteristic of Pro Power Spectra Fiber, which many anglers will likely be fond of, is its excellent level of abrasion resistance. The Spectra Fiber construction of Pro Power braided line resists the ill-effects that typically result from dragging similar line through brush piles, over logs, and around dock pilings. This attribute alone is of significant benefit, as no angler wants to lose the fish of a lifetime at the hands of unexpected line breakage.

Pro Power Spectra Fiber is also known for its high degree of sensitivity. This is a trait that has the potential to not only help anglers detect more bites but to hook and catch a larger number of fish as well. Many species of trout are known to nibble a bait, without an angler ever actually feeling a strike. In these cases, a more sensitive line, like Pro Power Spectra Fiber, can provide just the edge that anglers need to make a swift and meaningful hook set.

This line can also be purchased in several different colors and weight combinations, allowing anglers to select the best line for their particular application. Pro Power Spectra Fiber is offered in weight ratings ranging from 5-200 lbs. and comes in Green, Hi-Vis Yellow, Moss Green, Vermilion Red, White, and Multi-color varieties.

Piscifun Onyx

Best Value for Money: Tough beyond reason, yet subtle in presentation


  • Features 8 strands of fiber for increased strength
  • The consistent profile allows for an even line sink rate
  • Low memory for minimization of backlash

Thanks to its ultra-durable 8-strand construction, Piscifun Onyx is a braided line that is likely to become a favorite of those that spend the bulk of their time fishing in deep pools around submerged logs, no matter how rugged such sites can be. This multi-fiber composition also allows Piscifun Onyx to maintain a small diameter profile, which should be a point of favor, as more line can be spooled to a given reel for increased casting distance.


Piscifun Onyx is also notable for its low rate of memory. This minimal memory helps prevent line twist, kinking, and backlash, which can stifle an angler’s efforts to make the most out of their time on the water. Because of this low rate of memory, Piscifun is also likely to cast with a greater level of ease than many similar lines, as friction is decreased as the line is being dispersed from a reel’s spool.

This line is also known for its lack of stretch, which should dramatically increase line sensitivity. This should be a characteristic that is highly favored by those who routinely base their efforts around heavily fished waters, where trout can be quite reluctant to strike with intensity.

Additionally, Piscifun Onyx features a smooth, uniform profile, which should promote an even line sink rate, and better overall lure/bait presentation. When a line is allowed to cut through the water at a uniform rate, it becomes easier to reach fish at deeper depths. This can be an important factor to those who regularly troll for trout in lakes and other open water areas.

HERCULES Cost-Effective Super Strong 4 Strands

Best Budget: Subdued in cost, but not in performance


  • Micro-diameter design for ease of concealment
  • Extreme abrasion resistance to prevent line breakage
  • Zero stretch for improved sensitivity

If you are currently searching for a high quality fishing line, but have a rather restrictive budget in mind, then Hercules Cost-Effective Super Strong 4 Strand is likely your best bet. This line provides enhanced sensitivity, rugged strength, and superb castability, all of which anglers should be quite fond of. Even more impressive is the fact that line of this quality can be purchased for less than most will spend on breakfast when striking out to the lake.


Many are also likely to be impressed with Hercules Cost-Effective Super Strong 4 Strand’s micro-diameter design. This is a characteristic which should make this line more difficult for fish to detect, therefore resulting in more strikes in total.

Hercules Cost-Effective Super Strong 4 Strand is also extremely abrasion resistant, which has the potential to minimize the occurrence of line breakage. This should be a favorite feature of those who routinely seek out the largest trout on any given body of water, as this additional strength and durability is key to winning the most hard fought battles.

One can also rest assured that Hercules Cost-Effective Super Strong 4 Strand should make even the lightest bite evident. This stems from the fact that this line features zero stretch, which provides a greater overall sense of control and feel.

Mounchain Braid

Most Versatile: A line for nearly every application


  • Above-average abrasion resistance
  • Ultra-smooth composition, free of any burrs
  • Extremely UV resistant for increased service life

If you are an avid trout angler that fishes on numerous bodies of water in any given year, then you should love Mounchain Braid. This is because Mounchain Braid features several diverse, yet valuable, characteristics that make it great for nearly every type of application, such as noteworthy abrasion resistance, extreme sensitivity, and remarkable durability. This line is also approved for both saltwater and freshwater use, making Mounchain Braid applicable for use, even when fishing for sea trout.


Mounchain Braid is extremely abrasion-resistant and is even designed specifically to fish around a structure, though it can also be used in nearly any other situation imaginable. This is a characteristic that further adds to the line’s versatility, as Mounchain Braid can be used for any style of fishing, whether dipping a worm, or popping a fly at the water’s surface.

Another unique feature of Mounchain Braid is its specialized coating. This coating prevents intrusion by the sun’s UV rays and prevents color fading and fiber degradation. This should extend the life of Mounchain Braid, which will in turn assist consumers in getting the absolute most bang for their buck. This coating is also water-resistant, unlike that of many competitors, meaning that this protective coating should last just as long as the line itself does.

Mounchain Braid is offered in several different colors, lengths, and weight ratings. This line comes in Dark Green, Green, Grey, Plain Black, Sea Blue, and Yellow. Spool lengths range from 300 meters-1000 meters, and Mounchain Braid is offered in 10, 20, 30, and 40 lb. test.


Best High End: Sensitivity at its finest


  • Features compact weaving for zero stretch
  • Constructed from 8 individual strands for enhanced strength
  • Small diameter minimizes visibility by fish and allows for increased spool capacity

RUNCL Braid offers an unparalleled degree of sensitivity, which will likely make it a favorite of those that fish flowing creeks, where one must differentiate between the feel of a strike, and incidental brush contact. This line is also composed of 8 individual strands of durable fiber, which should enhance its longevity, and provide a pronounced amount of abrasion resistance. Additionally, RUNCL Braid’s minimal diameter makes it possible to spool additional line onto any particular reel, and cuts down on visibility by wary trout.


As previously mentioned, one of RUNCL Braid’s most highly regarded characteristics is its significant level of sensitivity. Much of this sensitivity comes as a byproduct of the line’s compact weaving, which virtually eliminates any form of stretch. This provides little in the way of free-play or give, which should make the detection of even the lightest of bites rather seamless.

RUNCL Braid is also known for its notable line strength. This is a factor that many anglers find value in, as nothing is quite as disheartening as having a monster lake trout on the end of your line, only to have your hook come untied just mere moments before making the catch.

When selecting which pound test of RUNCL Braid to purchase, several options exist. This line ranges from 12-100 lbs. In weight rating, with a total of 12 different options available across this range. RUNCL Braid is also offered in 328 yard, 546 yard, and 1093 yard spool lengths, allowing anglers to purchase the exact amount of line that is required.

Hercules Super Cast

Best Value: Next-level performance, at a price too reasonable to pass up


  • Diamond weave construction for better casting and increased durability
  • Excellent knot strength to prevent fish loss
  • Zero stretch for enhanced sensitivity

Hercules Super Cast is a line that offers excellent performance, at a moderate price point. If you are contemplating making a switch from mono to braid, but worry about incurring additional expense, Hercules Supercast is likely a wise choice. In fact, this line can be purchased at a price that is comparable to that of the bulk of monofilament lines currently available, yet offers noteworthy performance.


Do not be tricked into thinking that Hercules Super Cast is a bargain bin item, with little true performance merit. On the contrary, this line features an 8-strand composition, which is likely to provide a higher degree of durability and abrasion resistance than many other comparable braided lines. This can be of significant benefit to those who fish log filled creeks with any regularity.

Hercules Super Cast is also sensitive enough to detect even the lightest of bites, which should allow for more timely hook sets, and a more favorable strike to catch ratio. This presents the opportunity to put fish in the boat in situations that would not otherwise be possible.

When purchasing Hercules Super Cast, anglers are allowed to select between a nearly infinite number of colors and line weights. This line comes in 15 individual color combinations, with some of the most popular being Army Green, Camouflage, Grey, and Fluorescent Green. Additionally, Hercules Super Cast is offered in a range of weight ratings, from 10-300 lbs.

SpiderWire Stealth Superline

Best Sensitivity: A line that takes concealment to the next level, so the trout will never see it coming


  • Minimal stretch for easy bite detection
  • Uniform composition for increased casting range
  • Specialized color pattern for concealment in any body of water

SpiderWire Stealth Superline is likely to be well received by those who seek flawless performance, but are strapped for cash. This line can be purchased at a modest price, yet sacrifices nothing in the way of quality. Superline is engineered to provide enhanced sensitivity, while also providing effortless castability. As a whole, these qualities should allow anglers to be more efficient when on the water.


As mentioned, SpiderWire Stealth Superline provides next level sensitivity. This comes as a product of the line’s minimal stretch, which transmits the subtle feel of even the lightest of bites. As a result, this should assist anglers in making timelier hook sets, which has the tendency to increase one’s catch ratio.

Most anglers should also be fond of SpiderWire Stealth Superline’s superb level of castability, which stems from its uniform design. This will likely be of immense benefit when attempting to cast to distant points along a creek, or hard to reach pockets of fish. In turn, this additional casting range should provide an angler with greater opportunity.

Another characteristic of SpiderWire Stealth Superline, which many anglers are likely to find favor is its ability to blend into a number of different water types. This trait is of value, as it makes it far easier to provide the concealment necessary to fool notoriously picky trout.

KastKing KastPro

Best Castability: Durable composition for a tireless performance


  • Features a specialized coating, making KastPro resistant to UV degradation
  • Ultra-smooth finish for superior casting range
  • Diamond Weave design provides ultimate strength and longevity

KastKing KastPro braided line features an exceptionally strong Diamond Weave design, which provides excellent abrasion resistance. This range of durability likely makes KastKing KastPro one of the best possible options for those who routinely seek out the biggest of fish on any given body of water. This line should be strong enough to manage the abuses of fighting even the largest of lake trout. Additionally, KastPro also features some other noteworthy traits, such as excellent castability and a significant degree of sensitivity.


This line is also unique for the specialized formula that it is coated with. This formula prevents accelerated breakdown at the hands of UV exposure and is resistant to being washed off when submerged. As an added benefit, this bio-solvent also complements the line’s natural composition and aids in abrasion resistance. As a result, fraying is minimized and the chance of untimely breakage is reduced.

As its name would suggest, KastKing KastPro is also renowned for its excellent castability. This should be a feature that many anglers find helpful when practicing cast and retrieve styles of fishing, such as when fishing hair jigs or spoons. This also allows anglers to reach obscure and out of the way locations, thereby taking advantage of the excellent fishing which these spots typically offer.

KastKing KastPro also offers a significant degree of sensitivity, of which many anglers should find favor. This high degree of sensitivity makes it far easier than one would imagine to detect even the most modest of bites. As a result, many anglers will likely find it easier to initiate hook sets in a more timely manner, effectively reducing the number of aggravating misses that one encounters.

Reaction Tackle High Performance Braid

Best Variety: Endless options, at an excellent price


  • Available in 15 different colors, and 10 different weight ranges
  • Thin diameter enhances spool/line capacity
  • Features significant durability and abrasion resistance

If you are currently in the market for a quality braided line but have a rather restrictive budget to keep in mind, then Reaction Tackle High Performance Braid is likely to be your best bet. This line is ultra-durable, extremely sensitive, and super thin, yet can still be purchased for less than what most will spend on lunch before hitting the water. This saves an angler money, allowing one to put a little extra fuel in their boat for long days out on the water.


Reaction Tackle High Performance Braid is built in a manner that should be up to the task of handling even the feistiest of fighters, as is constructed from 100% UHMWPE. This fiber is among the strongest in the world, which in turn provides this line with enough backbone to get the job done, even when the fish on the other end of your line will not give in.

Another advantage of the use of UHMWPE fiber is that it is inherently abrasion-resistant. As a result, Reaction Tackle High Performance Braid should be ideally suited to use in less than hospitable waters, where many lesser lines would do well to perform adequately.

Another noteworthy characteristic of Reaction Tackle High Performance Braid is that it is offered in an unparalleled number of color and weight combinations. This line is available in a total of 15 different colors and can be purchased in 10, 20, 30, 50, 65, 80, 100, 120, 150, and 200-pound test lines.

Criteria Used For Evaluation

When searching for the perfect braided fishing line, several factors must first be considered. Each of these factors plays a vital role in determining how well a particular line will perform when on the water.

Criteria #1: Strength

When you hook into the trout of a lifetime, your line must be up to the task at hand.

If an angler’s line is not up to the task of handling all which is thrown its way, aggravation will almost certainly result. 

For this reason, it is key to select only a line that is highly resistant to abrasion. Line of this nature can withstand a significant amount of abuse without breakage and provides an angler with the confidence needed to fish at their best day in and day out. This not only allows you to be more efficient on the water but prevents you from losing fish that would have otherwise been caught successfully.

Criteria #2: Concealment

Trout are notoriously reluctant biters, and will seldom strike when an angler’s line is visible.

In many cases, trout anglers can increase their success on a slow day by simply switching to the use of a smaller diameter line. 

When keeping this in mind, one can see the value in steering clear of the bulky, hi-vis line whenever possible. Instead, a trout angler is far better off to employ the use of a micro-diameter line, that is neutral in color. This makes it significantly more difficult for fish to become keen to that which seems unnatural, and often leads to an increase in strikes.

Criteria #3: Sensitivity

The use of a sensitive line has the potential to significantly increase an angler’s catch ratio.

As much as we all love for fish to stroke our lures with authority, this is simply not always the case.
In many instances, trout will simply nibble at a bait, making it difficult for an angler to even tell that a strike has occurred. However, a highly sensitive line, which possesses little to no stretch, makes it far easier to detect the subtle bites of reluctant fish. As a result, an angler is better able to time their hook sets with efficiency, thereby capitalizing on many more opportunities than would be the case when using a less sensitive line.

Questions & Answers

What Pound Test Line Do I Need For Trout Fishing?

When fishing for trout, it is typically best to use as light of a test line as is practical. In the majority of cases, a 2-6 pound test tends to be the gold standard. However, this can vary on a case-by-case basis. Many anglers who troll for trout prefer the use of 10-12 pound test line, while those who fish strictly for sizable lake trout often employ the use of 20 pounds or higher test line. For the best results, always tailor your line selection to the circumstances of the day, and the body of water that you will be fishing.

Is One Type Of Line Preffered Over Another When Trout Fishing?

In the past, many dedicated trout anglers preferred the use of monofilament line. However, in recent years, subsequent improvements in the manufacturing of braided line has led to the production of many ultra-thin, micro-diameter variants. This new, easier to conceal braided line has become increasingly popular in the trout fishing world, as it is much easier to conceal than most would believe, especially when presented in a neutral color.