7 Best Inshore Fishing Rods 2021 Buying Guide

Fishing the bays, inlets, grass flats, and near-shore waters brings with it some of the best and most accessible sport fishing in the world. In order to get the most out of your experience, you need a great rod to handle the fierce sportfish you’ll encounter.  Your rod should have comfortable grips and be lightweight, … Read more

7 of the Best Pier Fishing Rod (2021 Buying Guide)

Pier fishing allows anglers to reach the outer edges of sandbars running down the shoreline. Thanks to piers, anglers can routinely catch many species of fish that would normally require a boat to get to. For the best chance at landing the fish you’re after, you need the right rod to do the job. The … Read more

Best Surf Fishing Rods in 2021 (Buyer’s Guide & Reviews)

Surf fishing is tremendously enjoyable, and provides a wealth of opportunity to those who wish to saltwater fish, but do not currently own a boat of their own. One of the most valuable pieces of surf fishing gear is an angler’s rod. Premium surf fishing rods available in today’s market possess the perfect blend of … Read more

Best Trolling Rods of 2021 (Top Picks & Buying Guide)

Trolling is a highly effective method of covering water, in a bid to increase one’s success while on the water. However, this fishing tactic also typically requires the use of quality gear, including a high-grade trolling rod. Premium trolling rods are constructed with longevity in mind. These rods tend to be longer than standard fishing … Read more

7 Best Walleye Rods In 2021 (Tried and Tested)

Walleye fishing can be tremendous fun and tends to be a quite diverse affair, as such fish can be caught in a number of different manners. However, much like when attempting to catch any species of fish, the use of quality gear is of the utmost importance when attempting to find walleye fishing success. Premium … Read more

The Best Telescopic Fishing Rods of 2021 (Buying Guide)

For die-hard anglers, fishing is much more than a hobby. It is a passion. The urge to fish whenever and wherever possible leads many anglers on a search for the perfect telescopic fishing rod. Rods of this nature can easily be stored in the toolbox of a truck or trunk of a car allowing one … Read more

2021 Best Pen Fishing Rod (Top 10 Picks and Review)

Pen fishing rods have grown popular over the past decade, largely because of their compact size, and ability to be easily carried anywhere. Miniature rods of these sizes are excellent when attempting to slip away for fishing when on break from work, or when taking a vacation. A quality pen fishing rod should be lightweight … Read more