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Executive Director, Professional Angler & Founder

Kenneth Reaves

Kenneth Reaves, member of the Major League Fishing Association

Kenneth Reaves is a ranked angler at the MLF (Major League Association), and a recognized expert published in various outdoor publications such as the Punta Gorda Englewood Association, the Tennessee River Valley Association or even

Angler Advisory Board

Our advisory board oversees the publication of all content on the website. This highly-qualified team has members from all realms of the fishing world, including other professional anglers, fishing experts and authoritative figures in the field, totaling decades of experience so we can provide our readers with the insights necessary to achieve better results, based on scientific studies & on-the-ground advice.

To be published, every article must be thoroughly reviewed by the article author and at least 1 mandatory reviewer from this board.

Daniel O’Neill, in-house reviewer and fact-checker

Daniel O’Neill is currently enrolled in a Business and Programming program at QUB, a prestigious university within the Russel Group.

His journey into angling began in the beautiful landscapes of Ireland, where he first explored the art of fly fishing, primarily targeting stocky rainbow trout.

Daniel has encountered some rather unusual species, including puffer fish, lizard fish, bluefin damsels, octopus, rockling, and boga. Yet, his most remarkable catch was the ornate wrasse, a species native to the Mediterranean Sea, commonly traded in the aquarium industry.

He shares his experience on his Instagram profile, as well as videos on Tik Tok, with in-the-field videos.