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Welcome to my website – my name is Kenneth Reaves.

Perfect Captain is the #1 resource where you can find fishing tips, product reviews & the latest news every angler should know about.

Here we take a no-nonsense approach where we tell you the truth like it is – this means we test the products we recommend ourselves before telling you to get it.

I have been a professional angler for the past 2 ½ decades, and spend every available moment on the water. I have fished competitively for both bass and crappie at various times throughout my angling career, yet still, jump at any chance to slip away for an offshore saltwater excursion.

Our mission is to make it easy for anglers to buy great gear so you can catch more fish.

PerfectCaptain’s mission.

Who We Are

Kenneth Reaves
Website Founder & Main Editor

Michael Darmont
Editor & Main Reviewer

PerfectCaptain was founded by Kenneth Reaves, a passionate angler. The content is reviewed and fact-checked by another passionate angler, Michael Darmont.

We’ve known each other for years.

Why You Should Follow My Advice

I started fishing with my father at the tender age of 5, quickly learning to appreciate the subtle pleasures associated with an afternoon spent at the lake. Through much trial and error, as well as a wealth of assistance from fellow fishermen, I was able to quickly grow in my angling endeavors.

Upon graduating from high school, I knew that I wanted nothing more than to fish at the professional level. In order to achieve my goals, I spent the next five years fishing various amateur open tournaments, while growing in my craft. With ample hard work and a little luck, I was eventually able to qualify at the professional level, where I have competed ever since.

Now, well into my career, I often find myself reflecting upon all which has transpired in my younger days. Above all else, I have enjoyed corresponding with fellow anglers and sharing any tips and tricks that I can provide. Doing so allows me to pass my passion for fishing on to the next generation.

I am always excited to spend time discussing this wonderful sport and hope to teach others about fishing, in the same way, that my father taught me.

This thought process is what ultimately inspired me to launch Perfect Captain. Through my work with Perfect Captain, I can share my experiences, and provide fellow anglers with information that I would have loved to have had access to during my formative days on the water.

The Premier Captain Advantage

So what does this all mean for those that visit Perfect Captain?

Throughout my career, I have discovered that being successful on the water comes down to two factors. 

The first of which is experience, and can only be gained through spending an extensive amount of time pursuing your species of choice. The second of these two factors is having the right gear at your disposal, which any angler can achieve.

However, locating the right gear for one’s specific needs can be quite tedious. This is precisely where I can provide the most assistance. Over time, I have used virtually every type, brand, and configuration of fishing gear imaginable. 

This allows me to provide a first-hand perspective-style analysis of any gear that you might currently be considering to purchase. As a result, you are able to save time and money, by only purchasing those products which will assist you in becoming a more proficient angler.

I also publish some informational articles:

Keep your eye on Perfect Captain for the latest fishing tips, and comprehensive review guides, that are sure to elevate your angling success to the next level.