Welcome to Perfect Captain!

Welcome to Perfect Captain! My name is Kenneth Reaves.

Perfect Captain is the place to find the top-quality fishing gear that fits any budget and comprehensive fishing guides that can benefit anglers of any skill level. 

Every piece of advice and product we recommend is personally tested for quality and accuracy by our in-house team of anglers. We always follow a thorough evaluation process led by our trained reviewers, Kenneth Reeves and Michael Darmont.

Our mission is to make it easy for anglers to buy great gear so you can catch more fish.

Perfect Captain’s mission.

Who We Are

Kenneth Reaves
Website Founder & Main Editor

Michael Darmont
Editor & Main Reviewer

Why Should You Listen to My Advice?

I was inspired to start Perfect Captain after spending time teaching my friends the ins and outs of fishing and recommending gear to them. With over twenty years of experience fishing in both fresh and saltwater, I know how to put gear to the test.

One of the greatest joys in fishing is sharing tips and tricks with fellow anglers. Even with all my experience fishing recreationally and in amateur tournaments, I’m still learning all the time, and I want to share that with our readers.

The Premier Captain Advantage

So what does this all mean for those that visit Perfect Captain?

Success fishing is almost always determined by two factors: knowledge and gear.

Spending time on the water and getting advice from other anglers are the best ways to learn and become a successful angler yourself. Whether a different lure works better in October than the one you’re currently using or a new retrieve technique elicits more strikes from fish, this kind of knowledge is what we try to present here on Perfect Captain.

No matter your skill level or budget, we aim to provide valuable tips and point out quality gear to give you the edge on the water. Our team has personally tested every product we recommend, so you are assured that both the products and advice come from personal experience. 

Trying to look for fishing gear can be incredibly time-consuming, and until you’re hooked into a fish, you can’t be sure how it performs. At Perfect Captain, we simplify this process by weeding out the products you should avoid and recommending gear in various price ranges that perform at a high level.

I also publish some informational articles:

Keep your eye on Perfect Captain for the latest fishing tips and comprehensive review guides that are sure to elevate your angling success to the next level!