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Daniel's global fishing adventures have led him to pursue Atlantic salmon in Ireland, sturgeon in Poland, and sea bass in Lanzarote. Currently, he is pursuing a degree in Business and Programming at QUB, a prestigious university in the Russel Group.

In his creative endeavors, Daniel relies on a selection of cameras, including the Ricoh GR III, Sony A7C, DJI Mini 3, and GoPro Hero 11, to capture captivating fishing content.
Daniel's approach to fishing involves spearfishing, a practice he believes enhances his understanding of the fish he targets and ultimately improves his angling skills.


Daniel O'Neill is a passionate angler, accomplished writer, and dedicated content creator deeply involved in the world of fishing. His journey into angling began in the beautiful landscapes of Ireland, where he first explored the art of fly fishing, primarily targeting stocky rainbow trout. Since those early days, Daniel's love for fishing has driven him on a fascinating journey, covering a wide range of angling techniques.

During his fishing trips, Daniel has traveled extensively, exploring both freshwater and saltwater destinations not only in Ireland but also throughout the United Kingdom and beyond. In these distant and exotic corners of the world, Daniel's passion for fishing knows no limits as he avidly pursues a captivating variety of fish species.

One cherished memory among his many experiences is the thrilling battle he had with a 7lb / 3.6KG thick-lipped mullet, a challenging catch that was landed off the Northern Irish coast. His fishing endeavors have also led to impressive achievements, such as catching the beluga sturgeon, the largest freshwater species, in the lakes of Gniezno, Poland. Closer to home, he's reeled in an impressive 27lb / 12.25KG pike from the waters of Lough Erne in Ireland and ventured further to catch bass off the coast of the Canary Islands.

While each catch has its unique appeal, the Atlantic salmon stands out. Their spirited resistance when hooked and the raw power they display during their runs have always fascinated him. It's a species that demands skill and determination, adding to its irresistible charm.

If Daniel were to pick a "spirit fish," it would undoubtedly be the brown trout. As a young angler, he shared countless adventures with friends along the banks of his local stream, where the thrill of the hunt mattered more than the size of the catch.

In the course of his angling career, Daniel has encountered some rather unusual species, including puffer fish, lizard fish, bluefin damsels, octopus, rockling, and boga. Yet, his most remarkable catch was the ornate wrasse, a species native to the Mediterranean Sea, commonly traded in the aquarium industry. During his time in the Canary Islands, he found himself catching hundreds of these captivating fish.

In his angling journey, spearfishing stands out as a testament to his expertise. Venturing into the icy waters of Ireland, Daniel engages in the thrilling pursuit of bass, pollock, and coalfish. Spearfishing demands precision and an intimate understanding of the fish's natural habitat.

As he descends into the depths, he witnesses these elusive creatures in their element, observing their feeding patterns and behavior up close. This unique perspective has granted him unparalleled insights into the world beneath the waves.

Spearfishing isn't just about the thrill of the hunt; it's a practice that demands finesse, patience and a deep connection with the aquatic ecosystem. This hands-on experience has not only made him a skilled angler but also instilled in him a profound respect for the delicate balance of nature. His spearfishing journey has undoubtedly enriched his angling ability, enabling him to connect with the underwater world on a deeper level.

Beyond his exploits on the water, Daniel O'Neill serves as an editor for Perfect Captain, where his meticulous attention to detail ensures the delivery of accurate and high-quality content. Whether he's pursuing the magnificent Atlantic salmon in the waters of Ireland or seeking out the elusive sturgeon in Poland's lakes, it is clear that Daniel's passion for fishing runs deep, highlighting his unwavering commitment to the sport.

Furthermore, Daniel is an avid photographer who relies on a range of equipment to capture stunning visuals in various settings. When he's out in the field, he trusts his Ricoh GR III to deliver high-quality images that truly capture the essence of his surroundings. For shooting fantastic fishing content, Daniel turns to his Sony A7C, a camera renowned for its ability to produce top-notch visuals. And when it comes to capturing underwater spearfishing footage, he relies on the GoPro Hero 11, a reliable choice for documenting his underwater adventures.

Additionally, to elevate his fishing content even further, Daniel employs the DJI Mini 3 drone, enabling him to capture breathtaking aerial landscape footage, providing a unique perspective of his angling. With this versatile set of tools, Daniel not only guarantees the best quality in his photography and videography but also consistently accentuates his content creation for fishing, captivating his audience with compelling visuals and stories from his angling adventures.

Daniel is a true angling enthusiast whose journey is not just about the fish he catches, but the experiences, memories, and knowledge he gains along the way. His passion for fishing runs deep, and it is evident that he will continue to be a valuable contributor to the angling world while making strides in his academic and professional pursuits.


Daniel is currently enrolled in a Business and Programming program at QUB, a prestigious university within the Russel Group. His academic pursuits align harmoniously with his passion for fishing, showcasing his versatile interests and commitment to making a significant impact in both the angling community and the fields of business and programming.

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