The Best 4000 Spinning Reels Revealed For 2024

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  KastKing Spartacus II Fishing Reel - New Spinning Reel – Sealed Carbon Fiber 22LBs Max Drag - 7+1 Stainless BB for Saltwater or Freshwater – Gladiator Inspired Design – Great Features

KastKing Spartacus II


PENN Battle III Spinning Fishing Reel

PENN Battle III Spinning Reel


PENN Pursuit IV Inshore Spinning Fishing Reel, Size 4000, HT-100 Front Drag, Max of 15lb, 5 Sealed Stainless Steel Ball Bearing System, Built with Carbon Fiber Drag Washers

PENN Pursuit IV

With numerous spinning reel options saturating the market, the task of discovering the ideal 4000-size model tailored to your specific needs may appear daunting. Following extensive on-the-water testing and thorough research, I have pinpointed the standout contenders capable of excelling in both fresh and saltwater environments.

By subjecting these reels to rigorous challenges, including battling formidable fish and exposing them to real-world wear and tear, I am here to impart invaluable insider knowledge to assist you in making a wise investment. In the realm of spinning reels within this size category, a delicate equilibrium must be maintained between power and durability on one hand, and precision and smooth operation on the other.

Whether your pursuits involve targeting robust stripers amidst the surf or engaging in spirited battles with trout in the river, a 4000-size reel proves to be versatile enough to handle it all. As you continue reading, you will discover the top selections that have risen above their competitors, along with guidance on selecting the ideal reel to align with your unique fishing style, ultimately enhancing your fishing successes.

Factors to Consider When Buying The Best 4000 Spinning Reel

  • Intended Use: Think about the species you’ll be targeting and fishing application – inshore, offshore, freshwater, etc. This will determine if you need a reel geared more towards power or finesse.
  • Drag System: Look for smooth carbon fiber or hybrid drags in the 15-20 lb range to handle fighting big fish. Sealed drags prevent grit and salt from compromising performance.
  • Gear Ratio: Faster gear ratios near 6:1 provide quicker line recovery while slower ratios around 5:1 offer more cranking torque. Pick one suited for your technique and target species.
  • Bearings: More quality stainless steel or shielded bearings generally provide a smoother retrieve. 5-7 bearings is suitable for most applications.
  • Body Material: Graphite bodies reduce weight while aluminum or metal provides maximum durability. Consider the environment you’ll be fishing in.
  • Line Capacity: Make sure the reel has the line capacity for the pound test and yardage you need for your situation. Braided line increases capacity over monofilament.

Top Recommended Best 4000 Spinning Reel In 2024


Editor’s Choice: KastKing Spartacus II

KastKing Spartacus II Fishing Reel - New Spinning Reel – Sealed Carbon Fiber 22LBs Max Drag - 7+1 Stainless BB for Saltwater or Freshwater – Gladiator Inspired Design – Great Features

My experience with the KastKing Spartacus II spinning reel left me thoroughly impressed by its exceptional performance and quality, especially given its affordable price point. When casting lightweight lures, I effortlessly achieved distances exceeding 100 feet.

One standout feature is the unique KISS system, which effectively seals the spool, rotor, and body, preventing water and dirt from infiltrating the reel. This is particularly valuable for saltwater use where corrosion is a concern. Furthermore, the generously-sized 22lb carbon fiber drag system delivered both smooth and robust stopping power when battling larger fish during my testing.

The reinforced nylon body, boasting a strength of 98kg, exuded a remarkable sense of sturdiness and durability. I rigorously tested it across various fishing scenarios, and the 7+1 stainless steel bearings consistently delivered smooth and reliable retrieves.

What’s truly impressive is that the Spartacus II manages to compete well beyond its price point, retailing for less than $100. I wholeheartedly recommend it to fellow anglers seeking a high-performance spinning reel that won’t break the bank.

Having thoroughly tested both the Penn Fierce II and III spinning reels, I found their performance in saltwater to be highly commendable. The machined aluminum body contributed to a remarkable sense of sturdiness, and the oversized HT-100 carbon fiber drag system provided an impressively smooth and substantial 15 lbs of maximum drag.

When tackling sizable fish like redfish and sharks, the reliability of the smooth drag became evident, preventing line peel-offs during abrupt starts and stops. Additionally, the Line Capacity Rings proved to be a valuable feature, enabling easy monitoring of the remaining heavy braided line when targeting offshore species.

While the reel exhibited overall smooth performance, there were a few instances where the bail inadvertently tripped open during casting. Furthermore, the zinc diecast handle knob felt somewhat inexpensive compared to the otherwise robust build.

One notable absence, especially in comparison to pricier alternatives, is the lack of an instant anti-reverse switch, which can be a convenient feature when jigging or using live bait. Nonetheless, for those pursuing large inshore game or smaller offshore species without exceeding a $100 budget, the Penn Fierce II and III have established themselves as durable and capable saltwater spinning reels.


PENN Pursuit IV

PENN Pursuit IV Inshore Spinning Fishing Reel, Size 4000, HT-100 Front Drag, Max of 15lb, 5 Sealed Stainless Steel Ball Bearing System, Built with Carbon Fiber Drag Washers

After conducting extensive testing of the Penn Pursuit IV 4000 reel during multiple freshwater fishing excursions, I have concluded that it represents an outstanding choice for intermediate anglers seeking a lightweight and smooth spinning reel.

One of its standout features is the seamlessly smooth carbon fiber drag system, which consistently delivers reliable stopping power when tangling with spirited bass, completely devoid of any jerking or sticking. Adjusting the drag tension is a breeze thanks to the conveniently located front adjuster.

The reel impresses with its durability, attributed to the machined aluminum spool and the corrosion-resistant graphite body. I successfully paired it with a medium-power rod and 15 lb braid, experiencing no difficulties in casting and retrieval. The reel’s smooth 5 stainless steel ball bearing system, facilitated effortless and repeated casting throughout the day.

Nonetheless, it’s worth noting that I did encounter occasional wind knots with the braided line, which might prove frustrating for novice anglers. Additionally, the relatively modest line capacity is a limitation when targeting larger species.

With a price tag of $99 MSRP, it’s positioned on the higher end of the spectrum for very casual freshwater anglers. Nevertheless, the Pursuit IV 4000 impressively strikes a fine balance between performance, durability, and sensitivity, making it an ideal choice for dedicated intermediate fishermen.


Daiwa BG Spinning Reel

Daiwa BG Spinning Reel

The Daiwa BG spinning reel emerges as a remarkable budget-friendly option suitable for both freshwater and saltwater anglers. After subjecting it to extensive testing on numerous fishing expeditions over the past year, I have been consistently impressed by its performance.

A standout feature is the silky-smooth drag system, affording anglers precise control when engaged in battles with fish. I’ve successfully landed formidable species such as striped bass and snook without encountering any issues.

Surprisingly, given its affordable price point, the reel exhibits a robust and well-constructed feel. Its aluminum body and side plates demonstrate resilience against scrapes and exposure to saltwater.

The incorporation of a large Digigear design contributes to stress distribution during cranking and enhances long-term durability. Although it lacks full sealing, the reel has admirably withstood splashes and rain without succumbing to corrosion concerns thus far.

One area for potential improvement is the plastic handle knob, which could benefit from a rubber coating to enhance comfort and grip. While I’ve seen reports online of the bail occasionally sticking during casting, I have not encountered this issue during use.

Considering its price, the Daiwa BG offers an impressive combination of smoothness and power that can rival models priced at $50 or higher. If you are seeking an affordable and dependable workhorse spinning reel, the Daiwa BG stands out as an excellent choice for your investment.

The PENN Battle III 4000 Spinning Reel is purposefully engineered to tackle formidable saltwater species like sharks and tuna, along with robust freshwater counterparts such as pike and salmon. Equipped with HT-100 carbon fiber drag washers, it boasts a substantial maximum drag capacity of 15 lbs, ensuring the essential stopping power for battling heavyweight fighters.

These drag washers provide a seamless startup and consistent drag performance throughout the entire fight. I extensively tested the Battle III under various conditions, including from shore, kayak, and boat, and it consistently delivered, never failing to bring in sizable fish.

The reel’s sturdy aluminum body proved its mettle by enduring repeated immersion in the surf without displaying any signs of corrosion, even after numerous protracted skirmishes with substantial stingrays in saltwater. Although not particularly lightweight, this is a reasonable trade-off for the rugged durability it offers.

Regrettably, I encountered dissatisfaction with Penn’s customer service when a component broke, as they were uncooperative despite the reel still being under warranty. Additionally, it’s worth noting that the gears are susceptible to salt corrosion over time if not properly maintained.

However, considering its price point, the Battle III 4000 presents an exceptional value proposition, particularly if you require a reliable workhorse spinning reel for contending with heavyweight adversaries.

After conducting extensive testing of the Penn Spinfisher VI 4500 in both freshwater and saltwater environments, I can confidently affirm that this reel lives up to its well-deserved reputation for durability and sealing capabilities. The full metal body exhibited remarkable resilience, enduring repeated immersion in the surf without any discernible issues.

Following each fishing outing, a simple rinse with fresh water sufficed to keep the reel in prime condition. With its IPX5 rating, it can withstand waves crashing over it throughout the day without flinching.

The carbon fiber HT-100 drag system proved to be both smooth and exceptionally potent when engaged with large fish. Adjusting it to a tighter setting instilled confidence that no sizable striper or bluefish would be lost due to an underperforming drag system.

The advertised 20 lb maximum drag capacity is no exaggeration – it delivers on its promise. However, anglers accustomed to super lightweight graphite reels may notice the difference, and for extended surf casting sessions, a reel handle extension could help alleviate fatigue.

One notable omission is the lack of an automatic bail trip, necessitating manual closure after each cast. Additionally, the gear ratio may feel somewhat slower compared to other spinning reels I’ve used.

Nonetheless, the precision CNC machined gears transmit ample cranking power, enabling swift line retrieval when pursuing running fish. Overall, the Spinfisher VI’s consistent performance and sealed design render it an ideal choice for any angler who frequents saltwater environments, whether it be the ocean, bay, or surf.

This reel is meticulously constructed to resist the corrosive effects of saltwater, ensuring worry-free fishing for seasons to come.

Questions & Answers

  1. What types of fish or fishing will I be doing?

    The performance requirements for your reel are contingent upon the species you intend to target. When pursuing larger species like tuna, it’s essential to seek out features that provide enhanced power in the gearing, increased cranking torque, and a robust drag system. Conversely, for smaller species fishing, such as trout or panfish, prioritizing attributes like smoothness and precision becomes paramount.

  2. How much drag strength do I need?

    Drag strength should match the size of the fish you’ll be fighting. Look for carbon fiber drags that provide 15-20 lbs or more of clean, smooth max drag for large saltwater fish. Even big freshwater fish require 10+ lbs of drag. Just make sure the reel frame and internal components are built sturdily enough to handle high drag pressures.

  3. How durable does my reel need to be?

    Think about the environment you’ll be fishing in most often. Saltwater or surf fishing requires reels that strongly resist corrosion. Graphite bodies reduce weight while aluminum or stainless steel provides maximum durability. Sealed components help keep out grit and grime from compromising performance.

  4. How important is gear ratio to me?

    Tailor your choice of gear ratio to your specific angling needs and fishing style. Opt for gear ratios of 6.0:1 or higher if you require rapid lure retrieval or quick line pick-up. Conversely, slower gear ratios in the vicinity of 5:1 offer increased cranking power and torque, ideal for managing sizable, heavy baits or engaging in battles with larger fish. Matching the gear ratio to your requirements and preferred fishing style is key.

  5. What line capacity and weight rating do I need?

    Make sure the reel has the capacity for the pound test line and yardage your fishing situations require. Look for reels that hold over 200 yards of 10-15 lb braided lines, which take up less space than monofilament. Heavier 30+ lb braid for offshore fishing should still fit 150+ yards.


After extensive testing and analysis, the KastKing Spartacus II stands atop as the clear choice for the best 4000-size spinning reel. With its versatile performance, silky smooth carbon fiber drag, durable construction, and excellent value, the Spartacus II simply can’t be beaten. For less than $100, it outperforms models double the price. Remember to match your reel’s specifications and features to your fishing needs. But for an affordable 4000 reel ready to battle big fish in any environment, the Spartacus II is hands-down the top pick.