The Best Surf Casting Reel: Top 5 Tested & Reviewed

angler casting from the surf

The Rundown Best Overall: “The Millionaire has plenty of line capacity, smooth casting, and enough drag to put pressure on large fish you’ll run into. Ideal for anglers who spend long hours on the surf since it’s lightweight.” Best Premium Option: “The Shimano Calcutta is famous for its quality, longevity, and power, making it ideal for … Read more

5 Best Trolling Lures for Grouper Fishing (2022 Buying Guide)

The Rundown Best Overall: “An easy-to-use diving lure that’s sure to get the attention of any grouper you pass it over. “ Best Budget Option: “A classic fishing solution and a perfect trolling option to bag a big grouper. “ Best Premium Option: “A durable diving lure that always runs straight, is ready for the water out … Read more

Best 7 Speckled Trout Lures of 2022 (Buying Guide)

The Rundown Best Overall: “The most versatile lure with the most control that is an excellent choice for any inshore saltwater fish.” Best Budget Option: “Always a classic, this spoon is an exceptional trout lure that can stand up to their aggressive strikes and toothy mouths. “ Best Premium Option: “A fantastic shallow-water option for mimicking … Read more

How to Catch Triggerfish (Insider Tips and Tricks)

Where can I Catch Triggerfish? You can find triggers on almost any offshore structure. In the Panhandle, where they’re most often fished for, you’ll spend a lot of time fishing artificial reefs, but any submerged structure from chicken coops to rock piles is likely to hold triggerfish, as well as red snapper.   Triggerfish tend to … Read more

How to Catch Cobia (Insider Tips and Tricks)

Where Can I Catch Cobia? Cobia can be caught from New England down to Argentina and throughout the Gulf of Mexico. They are also found South of the equator to South Africa in the Eastern Atlantic and throughout the Indian Ocean and Western Pacific. They tend to hang around structures like reefs, buoys, markers, and … Read more

5 Best Lures for Peacock Bass: 2022 Buying Guide

angler caught peacock bass

The Rundown Best For Most Anglers: “The Sea Striker Popeye Bucktail Jig mimics the small darting minnows that peacock bass love to feed on. Ideal for anglers who want to go peacock bass fishing in Florida or Amazon.” Best Premium Option: “The Borboletta Perversa is a Brazillian manufactured lure specifically made for peacock bass. It’s … Read more

7 Best Surf Fishing Lures: Top Picks of 2022 Reviewed

The Rundown Best Overall: “The Sea Striker is a classic spoon that attracts nearly every species of gamefish. It’s ideal for throwing into promising spots or in front of a traveling school of fish.“ Best Budget Option: “The Got-Cha Plug is effective for any fish that feeds on minnows. A ridiculous cast range and a … Read more

How to Catch Red Snapper in 2022

Where can I Catch Red Snappers? Red snappers are reef fish and spend most of their time around offshore structures. Wrecks, reefs, stone piles, even submerged chicken coops are likely to have red snapper on them.  Snappers tend to school with other snappers of similar size, so you aren’t likely to find big fish hanging … Read more

Best Redfish Lures of 2022: Top 7 Tested & Reviewed

angler holding redfish with lure

The Rundown Best Overall: “The Rapala Saltwater Skitter Walk provides plenty of action and noise to get the attention of any redfish you spot while also being capable of long casts to fish farther away.” Best Premium Option: “The MirrOlure MirrOdine has a deep body and various patterns based on natural baitfish combined with a … Read more