The Best Trolling Lure For Wahoo: Top 5 Tested & Reviewed

angler holding huge wahoo

The Rundown Best Overall: “High speed trolling is the best way to target wahoo, and the Ilander Lure is the ideal option for the job. It’s a great addition to your spread especially that it holds up to hard hits from wahoo.” Best Premium Option: “The MagBay Sincero has a big profile, rattle, and bubble … Read more

How to Catch Redfish (Beginner’s Guide and Pro Tips)

The Basics Redfish are an inshore game fish famous for their copper-colored backs, tail spots, and bulldog-like fights. They’re a coastal species, usually found in shallow waters. Redfish have downward-facing mouths that make them great bottom feeders, but they have no problem coming up to the surface to feed on fish (especially the larger ones).  … Read more

Best Lures for Mahi Mahi: 2022 Buying Guide

angler hooked mahi mahi

The Rundown Best Overall: “One of the best ways to target mahi mahi is trolling noisy lures near the surface, making the Stubby Bubbler an ideal choice. You can use it with a strip bait or just on its own.” Best Premium Option: “Flying fish are the favored prey of quite a few offshore game … Read more

The Best Inshore Baitcasting Reels of 2022: Top 5 Reviewed & Buying Guide

The Rundown Best Overall: “All the features you need with a smooth retrieval. It’s an excellent choice for any fishermen that prefers baitcasters to other reel styles. “ Best Premium Option: “Designed with inshore fishing in mind and made to handle saltwater environments. The REVO Inshore incorporates Abu Garcia’s best designs, from their proprietary materials to … Read more

How to Surf Fish: A Beginner’s Guide in 2022

angler surf fishing

Surf fishing is one of the most fun and accessible types of fishing you can learn. All you need is a few pieces of gear, a beach, and a little knowledge. But it can also be frustrating if you don’t know what to expect and don’t know a few essential tricks to help you find … Read more

Best King Mackerel Lures: Top 7 Tested & Reviewed

angler hooked king mackerel from boat

The Rundown Best Overall: “The Blue Water Candy has a consistent setup that doesn’t require a faster-trolling boat, making it ideal for anglers of all skill levels. It also has a tooth-proof wire leader material.” Best Premium Option: “The Yo-Zuri Bonita is a dependable high-speed trolling lure with a patented design that effectively attracts kingfish. … Read more

Successful Flounder Fishing: Insider Tips & Tricks

#1: If you find flounder, keep fishing. Flounders tend to migrate and move around in groups. If you’ve found one flounder, that means you’re in a great area for them and there are most likely more. Try to markdown not only that spot but also remember the conditions in that area so when you do … Read more

Best Shark Rigs for Surf Fishing: Top 5 Tested & Reviewed

angler caught shark on surf

The Rundown Best Overall: “The Lane Leaders Rig combines a wire section by the hook for the teeth and a monofilament section to keep the sharks’ bodies from rubbing through it. An ideal choice for any shark angler.” Best Premium Option: “The Cardinal Tackle Rig features a snap swivel to attach your weight, rubber sleeves … Read more

Best Spinning Rods For Inshore Fishing: 2022 Buyers Guide

spinning rod and reel against blue water

The Rundown Best Overall: “The Omen Black is incredibly lightweight and balanced, has a full cork handle for comfort, and is durable enough to last you for years. It might be what every inshore angler is looking for.” Best Premium Option: “The St. Croix Mojo has an EVA and cork handle, which makes it incredibly … Read more