2021 Best Pen Fishing Rod (Top 10 Picks and Review)

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Best Overall: Lixada Pen Fishing Rod
“Weighing only 9.8 ounces in glass steel-fiber construction with 2+1 copper core reel bearings for increased efficiency on the water, the Lixada Pen Fishing Rod is the perfect choice for those who are looking for a pen rod that is stylish and functional.”

Runner-Up Choice: YOGAYET Mini Pocket Fishing Rod
“Having an Aluminum-alloy construction and several colors for custom selection, the Yogayet Mini Pocket Fishing Rod includes everything you need to get started fishing – best for any angler looking to purchase a compact rod that is ready to be put to use, right out of the box.”

Best Premium Option: MultiOutools Pen Fishing Rod
“Weighing only 39 Lbs. for enhanced comfort and a multi-disc drag for excellent fighting potential, the MultiOutools Pen Fishing Rod is suitable for both fresh and saltwater use – perfect for those who wish to go everywhere with a rod at the ready.”

Pen fishing rods have grown popular over the past decade, largely because of their compact size, and ability to be easily carried anywhere. Miniature rods of these sizes are excellent when attempting to slip away for fishing when on break from work, or when taking a vacation.

A quality pen fishing rod should be lightweight and subdued in size to promote easy transport while still being robust enough in its composition to handle a fish of substantial size. Many high-end pen fishing rods also come with an equally impressive reel.

The following are the top-10 best pen fishing rods of 2020.

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Lixada Pen Fishing Rod

Best Overall: A compact rod, which is rich in available options


  • Glass steel-fiber construction for optimal strength
  • Weighs only 9.8 ounces for ease of carry
  • 2+1 copper core reel bearings for smooth operation

The Lixada Pen Fishing Rod should make the perfect choice for those who are looking for a pen rod that is as stylish as it is functional. This rod is offered in 10 different color/style combinations, is lightweight enough to be carried with ease, and is tough enough to stand up to hard fighting fish of many different sizes. The Lixada Pen Fishing Rod is also available with a compact, yet substantial reel.


One can literally carry the Lixada Pen Fishing Rod in their shirt pocket while at work or on the town, as it looks identical in nature to a high-dollar ink pen. This rod can also be ordered in 6 different colors, including black, blue, silver, green, yellow, red, and purple. For those who wish to outwardly display their fishing passion, the Lixada Pen Fishing Rod also comes in 3 individual models that resemble a fish, all of which can be easily fit in one’s pocket.

The Lixada Pen Fishing Rod also comes in various lengths, including 1 meter, 1.4 meters, 1.6 meters, 1.8 meters, and 2.1 meters. Many anglers should find favor in this diversity in sizing, as it allows one to select the right option for their particular application. This has the potential to aid in increasing an angler’s efficiency when on the water.

Also of note, is the Lixada Pen Fishing Rod’s feature-rich spinning reel. This reel, though small in size, utilizes many of the same operational components that are found in several full-size reels. These components include, but are not limited to, a metal reel foot, anti-reverse lever, foldable handle, and integrated drag system.

YOGAYET Mini Pocket Fishing Rod

Runner-Up Choice: A reliable pen rod, ready to fish right out of the box


  • Aluminum-alloy construction for lightweight carry
  • Comes in several colors for custom selection
  • Includes everything you need to get started fishing

The Yogayet Mini Pocket Fishing Rod should be ideal for any angler looking to purchase a compact rod that is ready to be put to use, right out of the box. This rod comes complete with a fly fishing reel, nylon fishing line, miniature tackle box, tackle, two fishing floats, 2 jig hooks, and 2 soft plastic lures. One can easily be fishing only minutes after accepting the delivery of their new Yogayet Mini Pocket Fishing Rod.


Another noteworthy feature of the Yogayet Mini Pocket Fishing Rod is its ultra-lightweight aluminum alloy construction. Aluminum alloy is known for its equal mix of weight reductive qualities and rugged durability. As a result, anglers should be pleased with both the form and function of this reel.

The Yogayet Mini Pocket Fishing Rod also comes in several colors, allowing anglers to choose which provides the highest degree of appeal. These colors include black, blue, gold, green, purple, red, and silver. This diversity of color options should also make it easy for an angler to tell the difference between their rod, and that of another fisherman, when fishing together.

The fly fishing style reel included with the Yogayet Mini Pocket Fishing Rod also serves as a nice addition, as these reels are typically easy to operate, even for novice anglers. Additionally, fly fishing reels also tend to be quite durable.

MultiOutools Pen Fishing Rod

Best High End: A pint-sized pocket rod that is lighter than a feather


  • Weighs only .39 Lbs. for enhanced comfort
  • Suitable for both fresh and saltwater use
  • Multi-disc drag for excellent fighting potential

If you are searching for the lightest pen fishing rod available, then this particular model by MultiOutools is likely the perfect choice. Weighing in at only .39 Lbs., the MultiOutools Pen Fishing Rod should be able to be carried all day, without any degree of discomfort or inconvenience. This can offer immense value to those who wish to go everywhere with a rod at the ready.


The MultiOutools Pen Fishing Rod is also rated for both fresh and saltwater use, making it one of the more versatile options on our list. Much of this unit’s tolerance to saltwater can be attributed to its reel’s structural use of aluminum alloy, which is naturally corrosion resistant. This should be an attribute that is favored among anglers who live in coastal states, where both fresh and saltwater fishing are quite popular.

Another noteworthy feature of the MultiOutools Pen Fishing Rod is its highly flexible construction. The rod itself is composed of glass steel fiber, which can withstand a significant amount of abuse before reaching its breaking point. This is a feature that should find favor among anglers who often hook moderate to large sized fish.

The MultiOutools Pen Fishing Rod comes in a total of seven different colors, that should provide an appealing option for nearly every angler. These colors include black, blue, green, yellow, purple, red, and silver. This rod is also offered as a variant that resembles a slender baitfish.

MultiOutools Pen Fishing Pole 38 Inch

Best Extra Power: Small in size, yet robust in performance


  • Glass steel fiber for enhanced durability and strength
  • Suitable for both fresh and saltwater use
  • Metal guides for increased fighting power

The MultiOutools 38” Pen Fishing Pole would likely make the perfect addition to the tackle box of any angler who needs the extra power to muster large fish from the depths below. This pen rod is constructed from glass steel fiber, which is known to be quite hearty in the face of stress. Additionally, the MultiOutools 38” Pen Fishing Pole features a series of metal guides on each telescopic segment for enhanced rigidity.


The MultiOutools 38” Pen Fishing Pole kit also includes a spinning-style reel, which should allow for relatively accurate casting, despite the shorter length of the kit’s rod. This should come as good news to the angler who routinely fish with artificial lures, which must be cast and retrieved on an ongoing basis.

As mentioned, the MultiOutools 38” Pen Fishing Pole is offered as part of a multi-piece kit. This kit is rather comprehensive in nature and includes a reel, tackle box, fishing line, hooks, jigs, and fishing floats. This presents anglers with the opportunity to start fishing almost immediately, after receiving their new pen rod.

Those interested can select between three individual colors when selecting their MultiOutools 38” Pen Fishing Pole. These colors include black, white, and blue. This should provide anglers with enough variance to select the particular model of pen rod that suits his or her individual tastes.

Docooler Fishing Rod Mini

Best Casting: A pen rod that can be cast with pinpoint precision


  • Traditional spinning style reel for increased castability
  • Ultra-compact design takes portability to the next level
  • Aluminum alloy reel design resists the effects of corrosion

For those that do not wish to be limited in their casting accuracy, as a result of using a compact rod with overly simplified reel functions, there are likely few better choices than the Docooler Fishing Rod Mini. This pen rod comes with a small spinning reel, which should be perfect for casting jigs with precision or targeting specific points around docks.


The Docooler Fishing Rod Mini’s reel is also composed of aluminum alloy, which is naturally resistant to corrosion. This is a feature that can be of significant advantage when fishing in humid climates, where the surface rusting of metals can occur quite rapidly.

Another key functional characteristic of the Docooler Fishing Rod Mini that many anglers will likely find favor in is its ease of carrying. This rod can quite literally be carried in the chest pocket of a shirt, placed into the glove compartment of a vehicle, or stuffed in a backpack. Additionally, the Docooler Fishing Rod Mini should be the perfect portable fishing solution, to the age-old issue of finding space to pack a rod and reel when going on a trip. Simply stick this pen rod in a suitcase, and strike out for your next adventure.

The Docooler Fishing Rod Mini can be ordered in several different colors, which allows an angler to personalize his or her selection. These colors include black, red, purple, blue, and silver.

DIGIFLEX Silver Mini

Most Durable: Tougher than nails, yet smooth as silk


  • Gold colored reel body for outstanding eye-appeal
  • Strong aluminum alloy handle for increased durability
  • Fiberglass telescopic rod segments for minimization of overall weight

The Digiflex Silver Mini is likely the best option for those that tend to cut their gear no slack, and have a habit of pushing lesser pieces of equipment past their breaking point. This pen rod features an ultra-tough, aluminum alloy handle, which is designed to prevent failures of the unit’s lower segment. This feature is of value because it virtually eliminates the occurrence reel seat and handle fatigue, which tends to be a weak point of many pen rods on the market today.


Another key feature of the Digiflex Silver Mini is its 36-inch operating length. This is a full 4-5 inches longer than a significant number of pen rods currently available and should provide an angler with increased leverage when attempting to tire out sizable fish that have taken the hook. Even more impressive is the fact that the Digiflex Silver Mini condenses to only 8.2 inches when not in use, thereby making it extremely portable.

The Digiflex Silver Mini is also extremely lightweight, making it quite easy to carry, even for extended periods of time. Much of this minimization of weight is thanks to the rod’s fiberglass construction. Fiberglass is naturally weight reductive, yet simultaneously renowned for its level of strength and rigidity.

Many anglers are also likely to find favor in the Digiflex Silver Mini’s notably striking looks. This pen rod is silver in nature and is paired with a gold color reel, which contrasts to provide an aesthetically pleasing look.

Lixada Pen Fishing Rod Reel Combo

Highest Visual Appeal: Rich in looks, yet subdued in cost


  • Compact in size, measuring only 8.1”
  • Durable aluminum alloy brass reel for next-level fish fighting ability
  • Includes numerous accessories

The Lixada Pen Fishing Rod and Reel Combo should be the perfect option for anglers who wish to fish in style, without breaking the bank. This pen rod is nothing short of visually stunning, as it features an aluminum alloy brass reel, which looks outwardly like gold. Additionally, the rod itself presents a look of silver, which nicely contrasts the reel’s appearance. However do not be fooled into thinking that the Lixada Pen Fishing Rod is only built for appearance, as it is built to perform as well as it looks.


One of the most significant features of the Lixada Pen Fishing Rod and Reel Combo is the robust construction of its reel. This reel is built to last and is constructed from naturally corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy. As such, the Lixada Pen Rod and Reel should prove to be durable on many fronts and is likely to provide years of trouble-free service.

Another notable feature of the Lixada Pen Fishing Rod and Reel Combo is its extremely compact size. Measuring only 8.1” before extension, it is unlikely that anyone will have a clue that the pen in your pocket is actually a hearty micro fishing rod.

This combo also comes in a kit form, which includes several helpful accessories. The items contained within this kit include 2 jig heads, 2 soft plastic jigs, 2 fishing floats, 2 plastic tubes, and 25 meters of fishing line.

Pen Fishing Pole 39 Inch Mini

Best Warranty: A quality rod, with a zero-risk warranty


  • Measures only 8.1 inches when retracted
  • Comes with numerous accessories
  • Is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee

If you are skeptical about the use of a pen rod and fear being stuck with a product that you are not satisfied with, then the HappyOutdoors Pen Fishing Pole 39 Inch Mini is likely the option for you. This pen rod is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee, which allows you to purchase with confidence. If you are not satisfied with the Pen Fishing Pole 39 Inch Mini at any time within 90 days of your initial purchase, simply return it for a full refund.


The Pen Fishing Pole 39 Inch Mini is also noteworthy for its subdued carrying weight and compact size. This rod measures only 8.1 inches when retracted, while still achieving a length of 39 inches when extended to size. This is a feature that should find favor with those who travel frequently, and need a reel that can be easily stowed away.

Most anglers will also be pleased to discover that the Pen Fishing Pole 39 Inch Mini comes with a host of additional accessories. This kit includes a 7-in-1 safety whistle, 25 meters of fishing line, 2 fishing floats, 2 jig hooks, 2 soft lures, and 2 rubber tubes.

The Pen Fishing Pole 39 Inch Mini also comes in several different colors, which allows anglers to select the model that best suits their tastes. These colors include blue, gold, purple, silver, and red.

G Ganen 38inch Mini

Best Budget: An amazing rod, at an unbelievably affordable price


  • Quick attach aluminum alloy reel for on the go style use
  • Glass steel fiber rod for increased durability
  • Offered at a price point that few can argue with

The G Ganon Mini should be the best possible choice for anglers who are attempting to minimize their budgetary expenses. In reality, this pen rod likely costs less than what most anglers will spend on bait, in preparation for any day on the water. Additionally, the G Ganon Mini comes with a reel that is rather robust for its size and showcases several quality features, of which most anglers should be fond.


The immense practicality of the G Ganon Mini’s reel is also another key characteristic of this particular pen rod. This reel is reserved in size, yet big on performance, thereby lending itself well to use in a portable application. The G Ganon Mini’s reel features a forward and reverse ratchet stop, as well as a fully-functioning drag system. These features alone likely make the G Ganon Mini well suited to use by those who routinely pursue larger species of fish.

The G Ganon Mini utilizes steel glass fiber in the construction of its rod, thereby taking the unit’s structural integrity to the next level. This particular variety of rod material is known for offering a superb balance of underlying strength, and flexible handling, the combination of which should promote efficient casting while bolstering fighting potential.

This pen rod is also available in numerous colors, allowing anglers to suit that which appeals to them. These colors include black, blue, gold, red, and silver, all offer their own unique level of visual appeal.

LIXIANGNAN Mini Portable

Best Corrosion Resistant: A pen rod that quite literally weathers every storm


  • Compact and lightweight for simplicity
  • Aluminum alloy outer shell for enhanced durability
  • Resilient fiberglass rod composition for ample flex

If you are looking for an extremely compact rod, that is impervious to the elements, then the Lixiangnan Mini Portable is worthy of your consideration. This pen rod is among the lightest, most compact options on the market today, yet is constructed in a manner that should fend off functionality robbing corrosion. This stems from the fact that the Lixiangnan Mini Portable is housed within a weather-resistant aluminum outer shell.


Another notable attribute of the Lixiangnan Mini Portable is its fiberglass-based rod, which should provide enough flex to fight sizable fish without snapping, yet provides enough backbone for swift, meaningful hook sets. This is a characteristic that should find favor among serious anglers, who wish to avoid sacrificing anything in the way of comprehensive ability, even when using compact, portable equipment.

The Lixiangnan Mini Portable also comes with a miniature reel that is capable of contending with fish of moderate size. This reel is not only resolute in its performance but is quite striking in its looks as well. This offers anglers a reel that they can be proud of on multiple fronts, and will likely be more than willing to show off to fellow fishermen.

As mentioned, the Lixiangnan Mini Portable could easily be regarded as one of the most lightweight and compact pen rods on the market. This rod weighs only 4.3 ounces and measures in at 8.1 inches before extension. Astoundingly enough, once telescoped outward, the Lixiangnan Mini Portable measures 39 inches in length.

Criteria Used For Evaluation

Criteria #1: Compact Design

When you hook into the trout of a lifetime, your line must be up to the task at hand.

A pen rod that is not compact in nature is of little value to an angler, as portability and ease of use are the exact reasons that such rods are built.

The average angler purchases a pen rod as a matter of convenience. As avid fishermen, we all love to fish whenever the opportunity arises. However, we have to have our gear at the ready, to seize upon such opportunities. It is not always practical to carry a full-size rod and reel with us wherever we go, so numerous anglers choose to purchase a pen rod to circumvent this issue. A pen rod can be stowed anywhere, without consuming space or becoming cumbersome, as long as its size is not prohibitive.

Criteria #2: Strength

In order to be worthy of a spot in an avid angler’s gear bag, a pen rod needs to be up to the task of handling anything and everything thrown its way.

A rod that cannot withstand the rigors of a day on the lake, is of no value to an angler, whatsoever. Pen rods are no exception to this rule, and consumers must be very careful to only select those models which possess a high degree of structural integrity. Most quality pen rods are derived from fiberglass, which has a natural tendency to remain resolute, even when stressed. This is a quality that is absolutely necessary for a pen rod to possess, especially if fish of any size are expected to be caught.

Criteria #3: Durability

A pen rod that fails after limited use holds zero value, no matter the extent of additional features that it possesses.

The entire point behind owning a pen rod is knowing that you will be ready to fish whenever the opportunity arises. However, if you are left to wonder whether or not your pen rod will last another day, you are really no better off than you were before the ownership of such a rod. A durable rod, however, can be used time and time again, without fear of failure. Much of a pen rods’ durability surrounds the robustness of its grip and reel seat, as these two locations tend to be common points of fault. If reinforced in both of these areas, a pen rod can theoretically last for decades.

Questions & Answers

Can Large Fish Be Caught On Pen Rods?

Large species of fish, such as catfish, carp, a drum, can indeed be caught on a pen rod. However, if you intend to pursue such species, it is important to only purchase a unit that features a quality drag system. Since these miniature rods and reels typically employ the use of light line, drag adjustments must be set with precision and metered on the fly if a fish of substantial size is on the hook.

Adequately metering a pen rod/reels drag also prevents excess force from being placed on the rod itself. This is important, as even the most hearty of pen rods are incapable of sustaining shock loading in the same manner as full-size, larger diameter rods.

Are Pen Rods For Everyday Use?

Most anglers choose to simply use their pen rods as a way to get a few minutes of quick fishing when on their way home from work, or when passing by a promising body of water, returning later with a larger stockpile of gear. This is because full-size rods tend to be purpose-built, with a specific application in mind. However, one could theoretically fish on a regular, or even daily basis with a pen rod if so desired. 

If this is your intention, it is advisable to place an extensive focus on locating a unit that embodies all of the criteria listed above. By selecting a pen rod that is compact, durable, and strong, you stand a much better chance of finding enjoyment in such a unit’s everyday use.