The Best Telescopic Fishing Rods of 2021 (Buying Guide)

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Best Overall: KastKing Blackhawk II
“With its snug-fit ferrules, KastFlex enhanced blank, and multiple sizes and actions, the Blackhawk II provides a solid feel, increased sensitivity, and unparalleled versatility matched with superior quality and convenience – perfect for most serious anglers.”

Most Comprehensive Kit: Sougayilang Fishing Rod Kit
“Having enhanced durability from its high-density carbon/fiberglass composition and 13+1 ball bearings, the Sougayilang Kit includes a carrying bag, braided line, and three fishing lures – ideal for those seeking an all-in-one fishing solution that contains all you need.”

Most Durable: Goture Tenkara Fishing Rod
“Featuring 4-layer carbon design and 30T fiber design for next-level structural integrity and excellent sensitivity, the Goture Telescopic rod will resist anything you throw at it – it is crafted for durability beyond relief.”

For die-hard anglers, fishing is much more than a hobby. It is a passion.

The urge to fish whenever and wherever possible leads many anglers on a search for the perfect telescopic fishing rod. Rods of this nature can easily be stored in the toolbox of a truck or trunk of a car allowing one to fish wherever the opportunity is found.

High quality telescopic fishing rods are inherently tough, sensitive enough to facilitate efficient hook sets, and easy to collapse for transport. Premium telescopic rods are also extremely compact in their condensed form, making transport and storage a breeze.

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10 Best Telescopic Fishing Rods of 2020

KastKing Blackhawk II

Best Overall: A rod that can be ordered in nearly any configuration imaginable


  • Snug-Fit ferrules for a solid feel
  • KastFlex enhanced blank for increased sensitivity
  • Multiple sizes and actions for unparalleled versatility

The KastKing Blackhawk II is likely the perfect choice for serious anglers on the go, who demand second to none performance. This rod uses Snug-Fit ferrules for superior fitment, which makes the Blackhawk feel and handle like a single piece rod. As a result, this rod should allow for solid hook sets, without fear of segment slippage and rod eye misalignment.


Another feature of the KastKing Blackhawk worthy of mention is the rod’s use of KastFlex Technology, in conjunction with its Toray 24-Ton Carbon Matrix blank. This provides the Blackhawk with a degree of sensitivity not often found in telescopic rods of any grade. This should be a favorite feature of those who finesse fish for reluctant bass or jig for light biting crappie.

The KastKing Blackhawk II also features a consistent and smooth taper, which eliminates flat & dead spots in the blank. As a result, this rod should be more than capable of providing hard sweeping hook sets, which minimizes the occurrence of missed bites.

Those purchasing a KastKing Blackhawk II are able to select between an immense number of options pertaining to rod length and action. This rod comes in deployed lengths ranging from 6’ 6” to 8’, 0”, and actions that span the gamut from medium to heavy. This should create a wealth of opportunity for anglers to select the exact rod which best suits their needs.

Sougayilang Fishing Rod Kit

Most Comprehensive Kit: A telescopic rod kit that comes with everything you need and more


  • High-density carbon/ fiberglass composition for enhanced durability
  • 13+1 ball bearing equipped spinning reel for effortless casting and retrieval
  • Includes carrying bag, braided line, and three fishing lures

The Sougayilang Fishing Rod Kit should be ideal for those seeking an all in one mobile fishing solution. This kit comes with a telescopic rod, spinning reel, carrying case, spool of braided line, and three fishing lures. In essence, the Sougayilang Fishing Rod Kit comes with everything you need to hit the water within moments of receiving your delivery. This gets you on the water sooner, where you can get down to the business of putting fish in the boat.


The telescopic rod which is included in the Sougayilang Fishing Rod Kit is constructed of high-density carbon and fiberglass, which should be inherently durable, even in the face of constant use. This rod also employs the use of a robust, yet lightweight guide ring, that offers optimal heat dissipation and a lower friction coefficient.

The Sougayilang Fishing Rod Kit’s reel is of the spinning variety and features an advanced 13+1 bearing system, with a powerful 5.5:1 gear ratio. This reel should allow for precise casting at nearly any range, and smooth articulation, no matter one’s speed of retrieval. Those who regularly practice a cast and wind approach to bass fishing should find these capabilities of special value.

This telescopic rod kit is also backed with a 1-year worry-free guarantee, which covers any form of defect. If you have any problem with the Sougayilang Fishing Rod Kit, simply contact the manufacturer for repair or replacement.

Goture Tenkara Fishing Rod

Most Durable: Crafted for durability beyond belief


  • 4-layer carbon design for next-level structural integrity
  • Lightweight design for ease of transport and effortless casting
  • 30T fiber design for excellent sensitivity

The Goture Telescopic rod is likely ideal for those who prefer a minimalistic approach to fishing, yet still demand nothing but the best from their equipment. This rod, while rather simple in design, is constructed in a manner that offers supreme durability and enhanced operational characteristics. This comes as a product of the Goture’s specialized carbon fiber construction.


In a bid to bolster the Goture’s strength, 4 individual layers of carbon were woven into the rod’s construction. This provides superior strength and a high degree of durability, which should be favored by avid anglers who put their gear through its paces over the course of a year.

The Goture Telescopic Rod is also extremely light in weight, and easy to carry from one point to the next. In total, this rod weighs only 3-ounces, making it one of the absolute lightest telescopic poles on the market today. This will likely be a favorite attribute of those that hike from one fishing location to the next, packing their gear along the way

Sensitivity is another strong point of the Goture Telescopic Rod. The use of this rod allows anglers to detect even the most subtle of bites, making it far easier to set the hook in a timely manner. As a result, an angler is able to increase their cath-to-cast ratio, and make more efficient use of their time as a whole.

Sougayilang Graphite Carbon

Best Heavy Duty: Built like a tank, to tackle the fish that most rods can not.


  • 24-Ton carbon fiber and E-Glass composite blank for excellent sensitivity
  • CNC aluminum reel seat for durability and corrosion resistance
  • Stainless steel guides with ceramic inserts for use with any line

If you currently live in a coastal state, where you are just as likely to find yourself fishing in saltwater, as you are freshwater, then you should find favor in the Sougayilang Graphite Carbon. This telescopic rod is specifically built to handle the corrosive sea spray that often accompanies saltwater excursions. This reel utilizes a corrosion-resistant CNC aluminum reel seat to enhance its durability and overall longevity.


The Sougayilang Graphite Carbon telescopic rod is also constructed in a manner that should allow it to put up with a significant amount of abuse, while still performing flawlessly. This rod consists of High Density 24 Ton Carbon Fiber and E-Glass Composite, which is known for its next-level load-bearing capacity. This is a feature that should find favor among those who regularly go toe-to-toe with fish of trophy size.

Another unique feature of the Sougayilang Graphite Carbon is its use of Three-Point Welded Stainless steel guides with ceramic inserts, which make it compatible with both monofilament and braided line. This is a quality that allows an angler to be more selective when determining which line to use for their next trip to the lake or bay.

The Sougayilang Graphite Carbon also comes in several lengths, which makes it possible for anglers to select a model that is most applicable to their pursuit of choices. These sizing options range from 5.91 FT. to 11.8 FT in overall length.

PLUSINNO Telescopic

Best Budget: A value that can not be beat


  • High Elasticity for powerful hook sets
  • Stainless steel hooded reel seat for enhanced durability
  • Closed length of only 17 inches for optimal portability

The Plusinno Telescopic should be the perfect fit for those who are looking for a high-quality telescopic rod, at an economical price point. This rod is constructed of high-density carbon and fiberglass, offering superb performance, yet retails for less than the cost of a tank of gas. In the world of telescopic rods, there are likely few better values to be found.


Many anglers should also find favor in the Plusinno Telescopic Rod’s stainless-steel hooded reel seat. By design, this reel seat is largely impervious to corrosion. This is of substantial significance, as the reel seats of lesser models often tend to be the weakest point of a telescopic rod’s design.

The Plusinno Telescopic also features Aluminum Oxide Guide Inserts, which dramatically reduce line drag when casting and retrieving one’s line. Additionally, the use of these guides also serves to maximize line wear, as unnecessary line drag is eliminated. The use of these frictionless guides also has the potential to increase an angler’s effective casting distance.

Sougayilang 24 Ton Carbon Fiber

Most Compact: Compact enough to be carried anywhere


  • Ultra-lightweight design for comfortable usage
  • CNC machined aluminum reel seat for extensive durability
  • Stainless steel guides for smooth and even line distribution

The Sougayilang 24 Ton Carbon Fiber should be the perfect rod for those who regularly fish for lengthy periods of time on any given day. The Sougayilang is one of the lightest, most compact telescopic rods on the market, and weighs less than ½ pound while measuring only 17 inches when in its collapsed form. Under these circumstances, the Sougayilang 24 Ton Carbon Fiber telescopic rod should also make the perfect option for those who walk long distances from their vehicle in order to reach their favorite fishing spot.


Another helpful noteworthy feature of the Sougayilang 24 Ton Carbon Fiber is its CNC machined aluminum reel seat, which is naturally corrosion resistant. This feature is of value because of its ability to ward off weather-related issues, to which many rods eventually fall victim. Reel seats of a less robust nature have a tendency to fail with time, essentially robbing a rod of any functional value.

The Sougayilang 24 Ton Carbon Fiber also features durable stainless steel guides, that are up to the task of handling whatever is asked of them. These guides not only facilitate the use of monofilament line but are compatible with braided line as well, thanks to a set of specialized inserts.

Also of note is the Sougayilang 24 Ton Carbon Fiber rod’s balanced design. This rod has been specifically engineered to promote comfortable use and reduced angler fatigue. To achieve this, Sougayilang made extensive efforts to distribute weight in an even manner throughout the rod’s blank.

Mouhike Telescopic Fishing Kit

Most Versatile: As at home in saltwater, as it is freshwater


  • Aluminum alloy and fiberglass construction for significant fighting strength
  • Includes spinning reel for maximum versatility
  • Suitable for both freshwater and saltwater use

The Mouhike Telescopic Fishing Kit should be perfect for anglers who are looking for a kit that offers excellent capabilities right out of the box, without the need for any additional purchases. This kit not only comes with a telescopic rod, but a reel, carrying bag, and 51 piece fishing lure set as well. Upon receiving your Mouhike Telescopic Fishing Kit, you can be on the water in a matter of mere minutes.


As previously mentioned, the Mouhike Telescopic Fishing Kit includes a reel that can be easily attached to the kit’s rod. This reel is of the spinning variety and features a 5.2:1 gear ratio for maximum efficiency. Many anglers will find this to be a welcome addition of value, as one is spared the cost of having to purchase a reel separately at a later date.

The rod contained within the Mouhike Telescopic Fishing Kit is constructed of aluminum alloy and fiberglass, which makes it extremely tough and durable, yet flexible enough to cast with ease. These attributes should find favor among anglers who are searching for a rod that is capable of offering years of trouble-free service.

The Mouhike Telescopic Fishing Kit also includes a comprehensive, 51-piece fishing lure set, which provides an angler with everything they need to begin putting fish in the boat. This kit includes 41 soft plastic jigs, as well as 51 jig heads. Even better, is the fact that the entire contents of this set are contained in a handy nylon carrying back, which further aids in keeping you mobile while on the water.

Leo Light Weight Kids

Best Kids Rod: The perfect rod for your little angler


  • Carbon fiber composition for adequate strength and longevity
  • Graphite spinning reel for optimal casting and retrieval
  • A wealth of helpful accessories to provide your little angler with everything they need

The Leo Light Weight Telescopic rod kit should make the perfect choice for any angler who is looking to introduce their child to the wonderful world of fishing. This kit includes everything you need to jump-start a young angler’s fishing career, including a telescopic rod, reel, carrying bag, miniature tackle box, and numerous soft plastic lures. The Leo Light Weight kit is also likely to make the perfect Christmas or birthday gift for any young outdoorsman or woman.


The telescopic rod which is included in this kit is of carbon and fiberglass construction and is naturally durable. This should prevent breakage and other forms of damage, even in the event of accidental slips and falls, which are all too common among young anglers who are still learning to navigate the banks of their favorite waterway.

The reel contained within the Leo Light Weight kit is also worthy of mention. This reel features a graphite body, which is sealed from the outside elements to prolong bearing life. The bearings contained within this reel are water and dustproof, which should allow for use in virtually any type of weather conditions.

The Leo Light Weight kit also comes with absolutely everything that a young angler could need on their first trip to the lake or river. In fact, this kit includes a total of 64 fishing accessories, conveniently tucked away in a compact tackle box.

Maxcatch Tenkara Fishing Rod

Best Fly Rod: A rod that is nothing short of a fly fisherman’s dream


  • Premium-grade carbon fiber construction for unmatched durability
  • Rotating tips for enhanced line control
  • Includes a durable fly box, stocked with high-quality flies

The Maxcatch Tenkara Fishing Rod should be ideal for the true fly fisherman at heart. This rod is designed to adhere to the principles of Tenkara, an ancient Japanese form of fly fishing. The contents of this kit include an extremely lightweight carbon fiber rod, a waterproof fly box, and 6 packs of assorted Tenkara flies.


The Maxcatch Tenkara Rod supplied with this kit is composed of premium-grade carbon fiber, free of any strength robbing filler materials. This rod is fitted with an 11.75” cork handle, to provide maximum control and a high degree of castability. A rotating tip keeps your line free of tangles, and in optimal shape to battle fish of any size, including large, tenacious fighting trout.

One of the most unique features of the Maxcatch Tenkara Fishing Rod is its extremely compact size. When collapsed, this rod measures only 12.6”, which is much smaller than the bulk of similar rods on the market today. This is an attribute that should find favor among many anglers, as this rod can be carried in a number of ways, including in a backpack, or the glove compartment of one’s vehicle.

Also, included in the Maxcatch Tenkara Fishing Rod kit is a heavy-duty fly box, which is sealed with rubber gaskets to keep your flies dry, no matter the circumstances at hand. This fly box is fitted with translucent ABS plastic lids, which are lightweight, yet durable. Through these lids, an angler can easily take stock of the flies that they have at their disposal.

High Altitude Lightweight Telescopic

Best High End: Expertly crafted to provide next-level functionality


  • Lightweight, compact dimensions for effortless transport
  • Removable rear cap for ease of cleaning
  • 5 segment designed for increased strength

If you are looking for an extremely lightweight telescopic rod, that can be transported in an effortless fashion, then the High Altitude Lightweight Telescopic Rod should be worthy of your consideration. This rod is one of the most lightweight, yet robust telescopic rods currently available on the market, and can be paired with an optional Abu Garcia spinning reel if so desired.


The High Altitude Lightweight Telescopic Rod weighs in at only 6 ounces by itself, or 11.5 ounces when stored in its backpack style carrying case. Additionally, this rod measures less than 18 inches when compressed into its stowed position. The High Altitude Telescopic Rod’s compact design allows it to be transported in nearly any manner that an angler sees fit, all without any level of hassle.

Another unique feature of the High Altitude Lightweight Telescopic Rod is its five-segment design. This is in direct contrast to many of today’s telescopic rods, which feature a total of 6 segments. This should provide increased rigidity and a noticeable increase in power, as fewer points of flex are presented.

The High Altitude Lightweight Telescopic Rod is also a host of several unique features, that are simply not found on most any other rod in its class. A built-in hook keeper is included on all High Altitude Lightweight Telescopic Rods, as is a removable cap in the rod’s tail section. By removing this cap, anglers gain access to each of the rod’s telescoping segments, which can then be easily cleaned.

Criteria Used For Evaluation

When searching for a telescopic fishing pole that best suits your needs, it is important to keep in mind that not all rods of this nature are created equally. By giving ample consideration to each of the following factors, an angler is better able to select a rod that perfectly complements their style of fishing.

Criteria #1: Durability

A rod is only as good as its ability to withstand the rigors of repeated use on the water.

A fishing rod, no matter the type, is subject to an extensive amount of wear, tear, and abuse in its lifespan. Those which are built to last should provide years of tireless service. Lesser quality rods, on the other hand, are often unable to hold up in the long haul. A quality telescopic rod should feature notable robust line eyelets, reinforced joints, and a solid handle. Anything less will ultimately lead to premature failure and a shortened service life.

When studying a telescopic rod of interest, check for slack joints, flimsy line eyelets, and any other number of craftsmanship related issues. If anything of the like is found, you are best to focus your attention on a different product.

Criteria #2: Portability

If a telescopic rod is not extremely compact in its condensed form, then it will ultimately provide little benefit over a rod of the full-length variety.

Telescopic rods have become immensely popular with anglers almost solely for their ease of transport and storage. If a telescopic rod does not embody these characteristics, then it offers little additional value to anglers who wish to carry their rod with them on an ongoing basis, wherever they go. 

The exact size, weight, and carrying length of a telescopic rod can vary greatly from one product to the next. Luckily, it is rather easy to locate and interpret these specifications. If portability is what you are after, steer clear of any telescopic rod which does not compress to a half or less of its overall extended length.

Criteria #3: Sensitivity

An extremely rigid rod typically stifles an angler’s ability to detect subtle bites, thereby negatively impacting their overall catch ratio.

For one to maximize their efficiency when on the water, they must be able to detect even the lightest of bites. An inability to do so leads to lost fish, and wasted opportunities. For this reason, it is of immense importance to locate a telescopic rod that features the perfect action for your favorite form of fishing.

Most manufacturers provide information pertaining to each of their individual rods’ actions. This can range from ultra-light to heavy, with the former being the most sensitive. Poles that are rated as featuring a medium action, are often perfect for all-around use and are sensitive enough to detect the light bites of reluctant crappie, yet stout enough to pull catfish from the depths below.

Questions & Answers

Are Telescopic Poles Suitable For Everyday Use?

While many anglers choose to use their telescopic poles solely for occasional on the fly use, there is certainly nothing holding you back from using such a rod on a day-to-day basis. However, if this is your intention, it is highly advisable to locate a telescopic rod that is extremely durable and robust in its construction. Any rod which is chosen for this purpose should feature reinforced joints,highly-refined line eyelets, and a sturdy handle. This keeps you in commission and on the water, rather than sidelined with equipment woes.

How Do I Know Which Rod Action To Choose?

The matter of which rod action to choose comes down to what species of fish you intend to pursue on the most frequent basis. As a general rule, bigger fish require the use of a rod with a heavier action. Likewise, small, light-biting fish are most often pursued with the use of light to ultra-light tackle. If you most commonly fish for catfish, carp, or trophy-size striped bass, a heavy action rod is a wise choice. However, fishing for bluegill, crappie, and perch are best conducted with an ultra-light rod whenever possible.